Winter Running: Go On, Get Out There

Okay, first, let’s talk about the reasons why you should do winter running. First the fresh air, even if it is cold will help you to reduce stress levels and it will help you to clear your mind. Second, winter running can help you to burn calories fast. Running in the cold will cause your body to work harder to warm up. Lastly, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) will not be a problem since you will be getting the sun light you need to stay positive and in a good mood. So, does all of that have you seeing the light of winter running? Here are some tips on what it’s all about.

Tips To Winter Running

  • Run less than you normally would. Yes, less. By running only two or three days a week and running only a third of your mileage, you will be in better shape. Now is not the time to work on speed.
  • Lay the foundation for a good run. Now, we said take it easy but don’t go too easy. Once a week get in some pick ups of about 20 seconds. Or, for more advanced training, every ten days, run slightly faster for a half of a mile, then jog for two minutes, and run at the same pace, then come back to a jog for four minutes. Finish with a mile at five to ten seconds faster than your 5K pace.
  • During one of your four or five mile winter running days, begin and end your run with slow miles. In between, alternate one minute at a 10K pace and two minute jogs. Increase the pickups to two minutes each, gradually.
  • Get in a race every three to four weeks, but don’t sweat it. You’ll want the race to be something to keep you moving, maybe to test out new things. Don’t worry about times.
  • Winter running has to be flexible enough to accommodate the temperatures and the moods. So, don’t get into a routine during the winter months. Don’t schedule one day for a tempo run. Instead, do the run that works for the day.
  • Make sure that you are sticking close to home. Some days you may not feel like a full run, so make sure that if you feel like quitting after one mile that it lands you back at home.
  • Get out there with some friends and tough it out. The energy and the mind set you gain from being a winter warrior will propel you!

Winter running? Why Not?


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