3 Fantastic Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss

When looking to lose weight, you will find that a treadmill can be a very effective tool. With a great treadmill routine, you will find that you can easily work out at home and lose consistent weight. You will also find that with treadmill routines, your regimen isn’t hindered or stopped due to inclement weather and other conditions.

If you are looking for weight loss, the following treadmill routines can help you effectively and consistently lose extra weight and burn calories.

  1. Beginner Weight Loss Workout

    If you are new to treadmill running or to running for weight loss, this workout can be a good starting point. Workout Length: 50 minutes
    Warm up - 10 Minutes – Ensure that your heart rate does not exceed about sixty percent of your maximum threshold.
    30 Minute Workout - Increase your intensity for a full minute, reaching eighty percent of your threshold before spending two minutes running again at the lower intensity. Alternate in one minute high intensity and two minute low intensity 10 times (or 30 minutes).
    Cool Down – 10 minutes
  2. Short Interval Running Workout

    If you are looking for a variation of the previous workout, that is not too difficult in intensity, then give this workout a try.
    Warm up - 10 Minutes
    Workout - Sprint for ten full seconds, and then run at a lower cool down speed for twenty seconds. Repeat this routine for ten to twenty minutes, ensuring that you are not pushing your body too hard until you are used to the higher speeds.
    Cool Down – 10 minutes
  3. Rapid Change Running Workout

    One very effective way to keep weight burning while running on the treadmill is to consistently change your pace and incline.
    Warm up - 5 Minutes at a low pace
    Workout - increase the incline to two percent and start increasing it by a percentage point every fifteen seconds until you have spent fifteen seconds running at five percent. Now run for a full minute at six percent and do the same thing in reverse, decreasing a point every fifteen seconds until you have spent a full minute back at zero percent. Continue this for twenty five minutes.
    Cool down – 5 minutes at one percent incline
  4. Of course, these workouts can all be altered or tailored to your specific needs. You can easily calculate how many calories you would like to lose each day and factor the speed, incline, and workout time you require to achieve these goals. From here, you can create intervals that will help you meet those goals without pushing your body to the point of exhaustion or injury.

    With the right regimen, you can easily lose weight using your treadmill. Try adding in dumbbells to help increase the upper body portion of your workout or add in your favorite music to help keep you pushing on through the more intense portions of your intervals. With the right routine and schedule, you can lose a consistent and significant amount of weight without the need to join a gym or go running outdoors.

    About the Author: Jacquie Cattanach loves running and has been an avid marathoner and triathlete for more than a quarter of a century. On her website and blog – Online Running Gear, she offers the latest news and reviews on anything to do with running. Visit her site to see the latest folding treadmill reviews.

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