Timex Men's Flix 100-Lap Review

Tell time with a device that is not only capable of timing your laps, but is also able to gauge every aspect of your running or sports training. With features that include a 100-lap memory recall, an instant recall of lap or split time and nine interval timers with up to 24 hours of storing capability for countdown/stop and countdown/repeat data, the Timex #T5E231 Ironman Triathlon 100-Lap FLIX Technology Watch can keep your training on track by recording even your most minute athletic improvements.

Overview of the Timex Men's Flix 100-Lap

The Timex Ironman Men's Flix 100-Lap watch has an extra-large display, with Indiglo® light and hands-free FLIX Night-Mode® features to illuminate the entire face of the dial using electroluminescent technology. In Night-Mode®, the press of any button will cause the Indiglo® light to turn on for three seconds. With the FLIX® system activated, all that is needed is a forward flick of the wrist for instant three second illumination. These power saving features of the Timex Men's Flix 100-Lap should certainly cause your watch battery to last longer, and they undoubtedly make it the perfect watch for night training.

This multi-function watch also features a training log that is capable of storing data by date, including running and work-out data, average lap time, total segment time and best lap time. With a built-in total run format and synchro timer, the Timex Men's Flix 100-Lap will keep an accurate record of total daily exertion time because it automatically subtracts any time taken for pauses or breaks.

For the beginning runner or extreme athlete, the Timex Men's Flix 100-Lap is made to withstand many extremes, and its low key, smart looking neutral gray resin top and simple metallic silver-tone case with adjustable black polyurethane resin strap looks as good paired with street clothes as it does with training gear.

Other Noteworthy Features of the Timex Men's Flix 100-Lap

  • Dual time zones
  • Up to 100 meter water resistance
  • Built in setting reminders
  • Backward or forward setting
  • Five alarm feature
  • Top pusher for simple lap and split option
  • One year warranty from Timex against defects in manufacture
  • Number five on the "Top Ten Running Watches" list by LiveStrong

Bottom line, the Timex Ironman Men's Flix 100-Lap is an invaluable watch for serious runners, triathletes and anyone who just wants to stay informed of their personal best. It has all the features of more expensive running type watches at about half the price.

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