Timex Ironman Global Trainer Review

Timex Ironman Global Trainer is meant to be a sports watch. Athletes and swimmers make use of this watch to record their training data. Though Timex released their product much later than other brands, they have amassed many ardent fans. The first watch that they had come up with was not a great success because it did not feature GPS; the wearer had to attach it separately. You will be impressed by the size of this watch because it is huge and imposing. Unlike the Garmin 405 which has bezel buttons, this Timex watch has traditional buttons.

Pros of the Timex Ironman Global Trainer

  • Captures signals very fast.
  • Lovely looking designer watch
  • Customization is possible with this device
  • You can use the GPS to track your path; it will never let you go astray
  • You can store a number of statistics
  • Details of 20 workout schedules
  • Store information about 4 data fields at a single time.

Expansion of the Timex Ironman Global Trainer Features

Some people say that it is difficult to capture the signals when the device is on, but majority of the people have no problems with it. It will take about a minute or so to capture the satellite. Since customization is possible you can easily have up to 5 screens of data whenever you go for training. You can easily change the screens with the single tap of a button. It will depend on the kind of sport you are doing and the type of training you are involved in. Naming of each screen is possible so you can easily click on the name and switch it on.

When the GPS is on in the Timex Ironman Global Trainer, it will help you find your way and even chart a new route for you. It will tell you when a particular route is not fit for travel so you can easily choose the next available route. It will help you a great deal when you want to go trekking or hiking. This device will get you back to where you want to go easily and quickly too. You can share your route with anyone in the world.

When you can store the details of twenty workout schedules you can easily check back on that and know how many calories you have lost and how much fat you have burned over a certain period of time. With the advanced features of Timex Ironman Global Trainer you can see four different metrics with regard to your workout on a single display – distance, pace, heart rate, altitude and others – whichever you prefer.

There is a review mode in the Timex Trainer. It will give all the details of your workouts (20 schedules). You can see the statistics of the above mentioned four metrics on a single screen too. This is makes your workout review much easy to follow.

Cons of the Timex Ironman Global Trainer

This watch can be a bit huge for people with small hands. This one feature sometimes turns the fairer sex away. Though it depends from person to person, this watch is not exactly comfortable when worn. Software not up to the mark.

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