Timex Bodylink T5F011 Review

Counted among the top 10 GPS running watches, Timex Bodylink T5F011 running watch is the best companion a runner, sportsperson or athlete can have to monitor their heart rates while exercising. Among the heart rate monitor watches I have seen, the Timex watch offers a greater variety of options to customize the watch's features according to the individual needs of its users. This GPS watch is good for a number of sports, helping athletes and sportsmen to train with precise and detailed performance given by them during their workout sessions.

Overview of the Timex Bodylink T5F011

Through its GPS feature, the watch does not only record the heart rate but also gives a precise account of the speed with which the athlete worked out, the route taken and the distance traveled. The information can then be taken from the watch's memory and saved in the computer to maintain a performance graph over a specified period of time.

Features of the Timex Bodylink T5F011

Apart from the features of the Timex Bodylink T5F011 that the company markets, the product features that I found appealing in the watch were:

  • Provides a good combination of a heart rate monitoring device with a GPS facility to give exact location details for those who take running seriously
  • Gives a precise idea of your location, describing the longitudinal and latitudinal positions at the same time
  • The heart rate measuring device can be strapped to the chest in order to give a clearer idea of the zones the runner is targeting
  • For a frequent and serious runner, the watch comprises a chronograph of 100 hours
  • Suitable for swimming as the watch can resist water till a depth of 50 meters
  • The battery will last you for almost two years

Pros of the Timex Bodylink T5F011

  • User friendly, both in terms of use and understanding how it works
  • Memory detailing the summary of 100 laps
  • Variety of display modes available
  • Practical in size when compared to its other contemporaries
  • Good value for money
  • Also provides the time taken by the heart to return to its normal rate

Cons of the Timex Bodylink T5F011

  • GPS encounters problems in covered areas or locations surrounded with skyscrapers
  • Software limitations
  • Maintenance costs are higher


Considering that the company is still new in the market compared to the market leader Garmin, I think Timex Bodylink T5F011 can prove to be a good watch if some of its downsides are taken care of. The watch is a good alternative if the buyers are on a tight budget. In my opinion, the watch contains all the essential ingredients of a basic heart rate monitoring watch.

Although the cons of Timex Bodylink T5F011 seem to be lesser in number than its pros, the final decision for me rested on the user reviews available on online selling websites. While the watch has been given an average rating of 3.3 out of 5 by the users, most users complain about the tough time their Timex Bodylink T5F011 in terms of service and maintenance.

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