Suunto X10 Review

The Suunto X10 GPS watch is one of many full featured athletic watches on the market today. GPS navigation watches are handy for tracking distance, time, speed and location all at once. Like most watches in this category users can upload their trips to Google Earth and show others their path of exploration, through urban areas or out in the wilderness. The watch is quite expensive, ranging anywhere from $400 to $600 depending on the vendor, shipping and service options. Windows compatible software is provided with the watch for uploading trip data. Sorry Mac users, not compatible as of yet. Whether the Suunto X10 takes over as the preeminent watch for trekkers and running enthusiasts remains to be seen.

Features of the Suunto X10

The Suunto X10 does come loaded with features that appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Windows software for uploading and tracking multiple waypoints and trips. Can upload trips to Google Earth
  • Altitude feature that utilizes barometric pressure. Can be used even if GPS feature is turned off.
  • Barometric pressure at sea level. Can also be reset to display pressure at current location.
  • Alarms for weather and altitude can alert the user to rapid changes in either of these categories to avoid going too high or too low too fast and also stay out of unexpected rain or snow storms.
  • Compass with bearing lock. This can be used with GPS on or off to save battery life.
  • Navigation allows for trip planning and pacing schedule between waypoints along a specific route. Use navigation when a certain destination has already been established.
  • Activity mode displays all current speed, distance, altitude and direction data for present status reference.

When considering GPS watches the Suunto X10 is not for novices. Those just getting into using watches with GPS capabilities should start with something cheaper first to get a better understanding of the concept and figure out how they will be using the product on a regular basis.

Things to Consider About the Suunto X10

People who have purchased the Suunoto X10 and are dissatisfied with it generally have similar complaints. Utilizing all the features over long periods of time will wear down the battery quickly. The battery cannot be replaced at any local watch stores. It must be sent back to the manufacturer when it is no longer able to recharge. A typical batter will recharge about 500 times before dying forever. The numerous features available on the watch also take time to figure out and navigate (pardon the pun). New users can get easily frustrated as they progress through various menus and options. The buttons are also stiff and pressing them repeatedly can get frustrating. The low light feature is not really applicable to the average user as most people don't walk around with night vision goggles attached to their face.

The Suunto X10 is a multi-featured watch and certainly deserves its place in the elite class of GPS watches. It is intended for serious professionals or dedicated outdoor enthusiasts only, however. Casual or novice users will likely find much more benefit from a cheaper and simpler GPS watch.