Skechers GOrun Review

Barefoot running or minimalist running is a fad that is gaining steam, with many shoe companies striving to develop a shoe that is the most like running barefoot. Skechers GOrun has been greeted with a great deal of excitement, because it follows this trend and offers a range of new innovation. If you haven't run in these types of minimalist shoes before, you should take some time with this transition, because you may experience calf pain as your gait adjusts to the lower level of support and more intuitive feel of these shoes. However, Skechers promises that the GOrun is capable of elevating the regular running experience, so that you can better interact with any running surface.

Overview of the Skechers GOrun

Some of the main technology included in this revolutionary new shoe includes its light weight, which is created with the help of Resalyte cushioning. This allows the shoes to protect your feet on any surfaces, while still providing the most minimal layer of cushioning. The shoes are capable of guiding the feet to a more efficient mid-foot strike, and there are impulse sensors embedded in the shoes to help give you sensory feedback. The manufacturers claim that they are aiming to build a minimal shoe that has cushioning, although the shoe can also be used as a transitional shoe for any runners who are thinking about making the move to minimal running.

Because there is actually some cushioning included in this shoe, the Skechers GOrun is not purely minimal, and is suitable for long distance runs. To get started with this transition, I found that it was helpful to wear them for walks at first, and then rotating them with regular running shoes before working my way all the way to wearing these shoes on their own for long distance runs.

Features of the Skechers GOrun

One feature that makes the Skechers GOrun stand out is the round pods that are used as surface anchors, because these are what give you some traction during use. These are placed mainly around the midfoot area, because the goal of wearing these is to train your body into striking in the midfoot region as much as possible.

Another feature to look at is the rounded heel. These are known as rocker heels, which help move your feet in a smooth rocking motion, with the outsole bending on contact. The Resalyte foam is soft enough to move with your feet.

The interior of the GOrun is composed of Ortholite foam, which can be used as a sockliner. It is able to breathe, keeping your feet well ventilated and drying quickly when wet. Another benefit to Ortholite is that it is antimicrobial, so that you can stay safe from fungus or bacteria when you are running without socks.

The tongue of the shoe is sewn into place, so that it won't slide around on you. Although the GOrun is stretchy and soft, it does provide some support and features like this help it to stay in place.

Overall Verdict on the Skechers GOrun

It's clear that the Skechers GOrun is a thoughtfully planned and well executed shoe, which helps runners land on the midsole portion of their foot through its sensors and guidance. The only thing to take into consideration is the fact that you will definitely need some time to adjust to it if you haven't experienced this type of shoe before, so that you can work on building your posture in a new way. It can be quite comfortable and freeing to run in shoes that are so light, making this an intriguing experience for new or experienced runners alike.