Saucony Progrid Guide 5 Review

Saucony is a reliable name in running footwear, and has produced a number of important designs over the past few decades. The Saucony Progrid Guide 5 is their most popular running shoe, so it seems like a good option to take a closer look at. This model provides an excellent fit for different types of feet, and is known for its comfort level, at a reasonable price. The Guide 5 has added cushioning in comparison to prior models of the shoe, and has a lower heel at only 8 mm. It also weighs less than other forms of the Saucony Guide series. This leads to a shoe that is comfortable, light, and balanced, in my experience. It doesn't hamper my stride, and is great for long distances.

Features of the Saucony Guide 5

The main focus of this new version of the traditional Saucony Guide running shoe is the 8 mm drop in the heel, for a smooth fit that is lower to the ground. It also has an added flexibility, so that your feet are better able to move around. These advancements are designed to make the shoe more neutral, for those who want a natural feel to their gait. Yet there are also a number of stability features that make this a supportive shoe for those who need it. There is a ProGrid LITE midsole cushioning feature that helps offer comfort for the insole of the foot, and this cushioning is also present around the sides of the shoe to absorb shock and impact while you are moving around.

Another element of the material that was enjoyable is the sockliner and the upper part of the shoe, which is constructed out of a smooth and soft material that stays in place. With flat shoelaces, it's possible to keep your Saucony ProGrid Guide 5 laces in place, without slippage. In terms of the outer portion of the material, this Guide 5 has a flat rubber surface, which makes it a good fit for a variety of different surfaces. You can take the shoes out for a run on the road, trail, treadmill, or track, without fear of slipping. The soles also help provide traction for inclement weather, so if you are using the rain as an excuse to avoid running, these shoes won't let you.

Cushioning is what Saucony is known for, and with the ProGrid LITE foam that is built into these shoes, you can feel a springy rebound after each step, for instant bounce. One of the features that set the Saucony Progrid Guide 5 apart from other models on the market is the impact zones. These provide added support for the push-off and landing areas of the foot, to minimize shock and pressure. The end result is an extremely comfortable running experience.

Pros and Cons of the Saucony Progrid Guide 5

The most important feature of the Saucony Progrid Guide 5 in comparison to other shoes of the same model is the heel drop, which they did in order to help give all of the benefits of minimal running, while still including the other elements of the Progrid Guide series. Other reviewers out there have noted that a big pro to these shoes is that they have a balanced platform, and help runners feel secure while also free to move their feet in the direction that is most natural.


  • Firm support without too much structure

  • Lightweight shoe

  • Stability

  • Intuitive capabilities

  • Comfortable experience for neutral runners


  • Smaller heel drop for runners who are not used to it can be hard to get used to

  • Upper is a bit thick according to some reviewers

Overall, the reviews of the Saucony Progrid Guide 5 are overwhelmingly positive. This shoe has a number of fanatics, who swear by its ability to mix support and stability with a freedom and flexibility of movement. It is an updated version of an old classic, with the heel drop adding an interesting element to the mix.