Saucony Hurricane 15 Review

The Saucony Hurricane 15 is the latest from the Saucony line, and it's designed to offer a quality fit with maximum stability and cushion to the runner. Like other shoes from the company, it's brightly colored with neon stripes and designs set against a vibrant solid color. The colors continue on the sole of the shoe, and even the laces feature the striking look that will certainly turn heads. The predecessor to this show won awards, and this new model focuses on only improving a few areas while maintaining the overall look and feel of the old model. It's a solid shoe and one that is well worth the price.

Overview of the Saucony Hurricane 15

The Saucony Hurricane 15 is made with stability and cushioning in mind. It features a quality supported heel counter with injection blown rubber on the outsole. The cushioning provides a good, responsive feel when on the road and it also provides good support to the upper part of the foot and ankle.

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Pros and Cons of the Saucony Hurricane 15


There are a few key things that help the Saucony Hurricane 15 stand out as a great shoe for those looking for high performance. Pros include:

  • No break in period needed. The shoe fits great immediately and can be run with comfortably the moment it's taken out of the box, with no need to wear it for a period of time before use.
  • The cushioning is among the best in the industry, but it doesn't have the clumpy, spongy feel that some cushioning has. It's the perfect balance of functionality and comfort.
  • Maintains the same midsole and outsole as the earlier model, thus retaining the award winning features that made the last model so popular
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to run in
  • Looks quiet striking and helps to increase visibility due to the bright colors. It actually looks every bit as good as it performs, something few other shoes can match.


As with anything, there are always drawbacks. And the Saucony Hurricane 15 only has a couple of cons to speak of.

  • Not the best choice for racing. Better suited for training and cross country.
  • Wider fit than some other shoes on the market, and may be a bit loose for those with skinnier feet.
  • It's also a bit pricy compared to other options. It's a quality shoe, and worth it for those looking for a good shoe to train in, but for many it could be too much to spend.


Overall, the Saucony Hurricane 15 is a solid shoe that feels great on the feet and provides solid comfort, high performance, and good durability. It works quite well on rough roads, on paved trails, and also makes an excellent treadmill shoe for those looking to add some comfort to their jogs. It looks great and is sure to turn heads wherever one wears it, as well. However, there are some other shoes on the market that offer similar comfort and performance without the hefty price tag. Whether or not to buy this shoe largely comes down to one's budget and what they need from a running shoe. Those looking for a solid trainer will want to consider it, as well those who loved the earlier model. Those shopping for a race shoe that will help them reach the finish line fast may want to try other options, as will those who want to save money on a new shoe.

Simply put, it's a solid shoe that's well worth a purchase for some. It has mid-grade speed and responsiveness but more than makes up for it in comfort, cushioning, and overall stability. The Saucony Hurricane 15 is a great entry to a solid line of shoes.