Running Shoe Buying Strategies

Running shoe buying strategies are not something to take lightly. The fact of the matter is that many people are purchasing the wrong shoes and don’t even know it. However, you don’t have to be one of those who don't know the right things to consider when it comes to buying running shoes. Here, we'll give you a few of the mistakes people commonly make and then tell you how to avoid them. Let's review the running shoe buying strategies you should follow for a successful shoe buying experience:

  • Don’t buy a shoe because it looks good. Many people mistakenly purchase shoes based on what they look like. The problem is that this does not take into consideration your needs. Buying for fashion is a big mistake! Think about how it feels and how well it fits instead!

  • Ask for discounts. If you are a member of a running club, many specialty stores offer discounts for runners. But, to get a discount (of up to 20% off), you have to ask for it!

  • Get the right size. Many people purchase shoes that are simply too small. You need a shoe that is large enough to give the forefoot room to move. Buying shoes too small, something that many women do to keep their feet looking small; is a good way to get blisters and black toenails.

  • Believe it or not, you should shop for and purchase shoes in the evening. Because your feet swell during the day, they will often feel uncomfortable in tight shoes bought during morning hours. So, shop in the evenings when your foot is the largest it's going to be. Really!

  • You should take the time to have your foot measured. This is one of the running shoe buying strategies that you simply must take the time to do. While you may think that if you need a size 8 that an 8 is the same across the board. The fact of the matter is, that it isn’t. Different brands and even different styles have different sizing. So, get your feet measured before you purchase.

Following these running shoe buying strategies listed above will help you to have the perfect fitting shoe each time you run.

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