How to Return From Running Injuries

Whether you have been injured through mistakes in running like running too soon or too long, you can plan on how to recover quickly even before it happens. Most running injuries are minor, temporary, and most of the time you can still get in some physical activity. That is the foundation for your return from running injuries.

Steps to Return From Running Injuries

  • Get in some aerobic training anyhow. Just because you can’t run or walk, doesn’t mean that you can't get on the bike, swim or use an elliptical trainer. Do these activities during the same time that you would be running.

  • When you can start walking, do so. To know when you can get back on your feet, test yourself. If you have any pain that is causing a limp, back off. If pain increases, back off.

  • When the pain stops, start running but gradually. A few intervals of slow running, just a minute to five minutes at a time will help you gain back the strength you need.

  • Be careful! The pain is gone. The tenderness is gone. Now, you can get back out there to run, but do so at a slower pace and at a run you can handle without any discomfort. Remember, you need to gain back your fitness level.

  • Return from running injuries by running on soft surfaces, but make sure that you don’t get hurt again from running on uneven ground. The treadmill is a good place to gain back some strength.

  • Run in laps, but make sure that they are small enough that you can stop without too much trouble. Don’t count on that long loop but make several smaller ones instead.

Return from running injuries in a manner like this will help you to get back on your feet faster without losing too much ground in the meantime. But, remember too that you need to follow your doctor’s advice as well!


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