Reebok Real Flex Speed Review

The Reebok Real Flex Speed is a relatively new product offered by the company. The shoe consists of individual, flexible nodes that provide unprecedented flexibility to the shoe and ideal balance to the runner in a wide variety of terrains and environments. The otherwise simple and minimalistic design of the shoe helps you perfect your natural movement which tends to impact the forefoot and the heel. While the synthetic mesh in the upper section of the shoe offers comfort and durability, the low-cut fit helps improve your mobility.

Overview of the Reebok Real Flex Speed

The first feature that strikes you when you hold the Reebok Real Flex Speed are the 53 carbon rubber flex nodes which can move in almost any direction and help support your natural movement as you try to run, jump and stretch. The nodes around the heel and the front foot are supported by plastic reinforcements that add grip to the area and help you stop easily. The carbon rubber molding around the heel also adds durability and stability to the sole of the shoe.

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Another cool feature is the removable PU sockliner. It provides great cushioning. It also allows you to use additional orthotics. A simple tongue and minimal covering around the collar heel add comfort without increasing the weight of the shoe.

The nodal midsole of the Reebok Real Flex Speed Running shoe is covered by an upper section made up of a breathable mesh that helps air and ventilation to pass through. It helped me enjoy my runs on hot and humid days as well. This along with the sockliner will make your workouts comfortable and fun. If you have never tried Reebok, this is the place to start. The Reebok Real Flex Speed Running shoe is one of the best products offered by the company.

The Reebok Real Flex Speed Running shoe is one of the best options in the market, especially for those who love to stay closer to the ground and enjoy barefoot running. The incredibly flexible and lightweight shoe with a natural arch consists of 76 independent sensors to support natural movement. I love how the shoe allows me to use my natural instincts while running instead of trying to modify my movement.

Pros and Cons of the Reebok Real Flex Speed


  • Independent nodules for ultimate flexibility
  • Light weight
  • Cushioning and shock absorption for long runs
  • Feet remain closer to the ground


  • While most runners appreciate the snug fit, some are not satisfied with the cushioning


The Reebok Real Flex Speed with its foam-rubber nodules and 9.7 mm heel-to-toe drop is a great option for efficient runners looking for performance-training shoes. It combines stability, flexibility and comfort to provide you with the ultimate running experience. The entire design of the shoe is based on the basic principle of supporting you natural leg movement and to bring your feet closer to the ground.