Puma Faas 900 Cushion Review

Puma is one of the major players in the sports and athletics market. The Faas 900 Puma shoes have been one of their top sellers. The shoe consists of a flexible and springy sole which act as a shock absorber offering you a smooth ride. The springy base also aims to improve the responsiveness of the shoe. The sleek look of the shoe can be an added bonus.

The latest Faas shoe has been designed for neutral runners who love to go on long runs and are seeking exceptional cushioning. Although the Puma Faas 900 Cushion faces a tough competition from other shoes that offer good cushion for long runs, other features including its light weight may give it with a slight edge over other brands and shoes in the similar category.

Overview of the Puma Faas 900 Cushion

The moment you look at a Puma Faas 900 Cushion , you know it has come from the Faas lab. It has the characteristic bright color and big overlays on top of a single midsole. It has the flexibility, responsiveness and cushion required to be great cushioned neutral trainer.

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The Puma Faas 900 Cushion uses the typical Faas midsole consisting of a single piece of molded foam. The side of the shoe contains release grooves that help in shock absorption. The lateral grooves also help maintain the momentum during the runs. It helped me get a smooth and natural ride. The shoe lives up to its name and offers significant cushion underfoot. While the plush cushion feels great, the midfoot was relatively firm. This helped improve the responsiveness of the shoe. My runs on rough trails were particularly enjoyable as the cushion and the midsole absorbed the impact of uneven surfaces and large rocks. If you have tender feet like me, and are looking for some cushiony comfort, this may be the right shoe for you. The shoe worked great on paved surfaces and roads as well.

The single midsole piece also contains the outsole. The evertrack rubber around the wear-prone areas helped improve the durability of the product. The traction pads along the sides of the shoe promote effective traction on paved surfaces.

Pros and Cons of the Puma Faas 900 Cushion


  • Light weight
  • Plush cushion
  • Suitable for long runs on rough surfaces


  • Some of you may find the colors over the top
  • Too many overlays on the upper section may block the pores and vents of the mesh, and thereby reduce its breathability
  • The toe box is very narrow
  • The excessive bulk around the tongue and the heel collar may make the shoe uncomfortable


Despite of its disadvantages, the Puma Faas 900 Cushion is a good shoe. It weighs less than many other shoes in its category. Hence, heavier runners or those with tender feet may benefit from the shoe. It is also a great option for long recovery runs.

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