Polar RS800CX Review

Polar is one brand of heart monitoring watches that has guaranteed customer satisfaction for more than three decades. Almost any person, including myself, can vouch for their good name and reliability as manufacturers of some of the most innovative heart monitor watches. Over the years, the brand has not only relied on its name but has been involved in active research in order to improve the quality of their products and carry on with the tradition of introducing innovations into the market.

Polar RS800CX is one of the newest additions to the brand's portfolio of heart rate monitoring watches. The watch has been designed for professional athletes and runners to make strategies for their workout regimen and keep an eye on their performances at the same time. With this watch, Polar has introduced a wireless transmitter called WearLink W.I.N.D along with a comfortably adjustable chest strap. Comprising an altimeter, it gives the runners and account of their performances in proportion to the altitude they reach.

While exercising, the users are just required to start the GPS on the watch and later on check the speed they achieved in relation to their heart rate at that point in time.

Features of the Polar RS800CX

Some of the most prominent features of the Polar RS800CX that I found are really useful:

  • Clear heart rate display
  • An altimeter to describe the exact location in longitude and latitude
  • Guidance for further workout with detailed information on heart rate, speed and distance covered
  • Exact heart rate with the help of a wireless ECG
  • Records lap details automatically
  • Targeted zones are indicated in the form of graphic illustrations

Pros of the Polar RS800CX

The Polar RS800CX scores majorly in these areas:

  • Long running battery for both the watch and its GPS sensor
  • Precise heart rate readings
  • Stylish watch that can be worn in settings other than the usual workout regimen
  • Offers water resistance up to 50 meters
  • Offers instructions in 5 languages namely English, German, French, Spanish and Italian

Cons of the Polar RS800CX

In contrast with the benefits it offers the Polar RS800CX also has a few pitfalls:

  • Higher price tag
  • Maps and routes are not available
  • Display size is small and only limited to a monochromatic digital theme
  • Compared to the leading heart monitor watch brands like Garmin, it lacks the finesse and user friendly interface
  • Limitations with the watch's software that can cause its users some problems in understanding how it actually works


Overall, this heart rate monitoring watch by Polar is not a bad watch at all. In my opinion, one of the best qualities of this watch is its ability to handle an athlete's performance data from various sports. The records can be transferred to the computer and a detailed performance chart can be generated by the users to get a better idea of the output they receive with their workout routine.

The Polar RS800CX is an overall good substitute for the more expensive brands in the market.

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