Polar RS400 SD Review

When considering a new sports GPS watch, if you want the best brands, GPS tracking, workout tracker, and timer, you are going to love the new Polar RS400 SD for your outdoor or indoor workout running. The RS400/ SD has been named as one of the top picks by Sports Watch Informant in the Polar family, and offers several great features that runners can use when tracking their workout, progress, and trying to get the best directions when out on a new track they have never run before.

Overview of the Polar RS400 SD

The RS440 SD has many great features to look forward to, if you are planning on purchasing this series. With a 99 - exercise memory capacity, one can track all the workouts you do. It also has a great battery life, and is GPS enabled, so when you are out on a new trail, you can easily get the coordinates of where you are running, and how to get to your destination. This will allow runners to try new trails, hit new running tracks, and go out on new adventures, without worrying about losing track of where they have to get to. The Polar RS400 SD also offers a heart rate monitor, timer, and several storage capacities when tracking times, and trying to improve on sprint times.

There are a few cons to consider when you are considering the RS400 series watch as well. It does have somewhat of an odd organization when tracking times, and can mix up data if not properly stored. So, before you really start tracking, you are going to want to take the time out to make sure you really know how to track it, otherwise workout times might get crossed. It also does have a smaller display screen, especially for a watch with a GPS navigation, and it does not offer a color screen. Additionally, it is not compatible with Mac computers, so if you wish to transfer data to a computer, to track charts and stats, it is only possible on a PC computer.

Overall, the Polar RS400 SD is a great GPS tracker, with capabilities to track a very large number of workouts, has a GPS tracker allowing you to try out new trails, has a heart rate monitor, and comes in a couple colors for the runner to choose from. Additionally, it offers the great brand name with Polar, which is known for great heart rate monitors, and has an exceptional recognition in the running and fitness world. There are a few downfalls to the watch as well, including the smaller screen size, lack of color screen, and difficulty in learning how to organize data and workouts, but these few distractions do not take away from the quality. So, for a great GPS tracker, heart rate monitor, workout organizational tool, and a well known name brand in the industry, runners and workout enthusiasts alike are going to want to consider the Polar RS400 SD for their next new GPS tracker and running watch to hit the tracks.

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