Polar RS300X G1 Review

Polar RS300X G1 is a smart and light training watch that is specifically designed for runners and long distant athletes. Designed with intuitive technology features, the gadget helps you train at the right intensity within a personalized training zone. This watch comes with a Polar G1 GPS sensor that monitors your pace and enables you to measure the distance you have covered when running or cycling.

The Polar RS300X G1 is the right choice for sportsmen who prefer mixing training regimen with skating, cycling, mountain biking, hiking or simply paddling.

Features of the Polar RS300X G1

  • Has a simple to operate heart rate monitor that helps you to train at your desired intensity.
  • Has a G1 GPS monitoring sensor that includes a wearlink+31 coded transmitter that helps you to track routes.
  • Contains a mode that is compatible with an S1 foot pod.
  • Has an Own Zone training feature that allows you train at your own pace and time.
  • Comes with a compatible Polar Flow Link.
  • Has a water resistant feature that protects the gadget up to 50 meters in water.
  • Event countdown timer that keeps your motivation high by notifying you on how many days you have until your next event.
  • Has back light and a display zoom.

Pros of the Polar RS300X G1

  • The S1 foot pod included in the gadget measures your running speed and distance covered. It works best when attached to your shoe laces and does not add any unwanted weight. Therefore, it does not in any way affect your running performance.
  • Dedicated runners find the watch ideal especially when evaluating their real time pace and comparing the improvement made.
  • The watch comes with a changeable battery that has a long lifespan.
  • The Polar RS300X G1 helps an athlete train at the right intensity and better his performance through the use of core metrics such as the speed, distance, pace, heart rate and calorie burn in the body.
  • Has an Own Zone feature that can show personalized results of average heart rate, distance and pace covered per lap by the athlete. Any athlete can save up to 16 past workout files and easily access them through simple steps.

Origin of the Polar RS300X G1

Polar introduced its first gadget, the EKG accurate wireless heart rate monitor, back in 1977. The gadget was meant to work as a training tool for athletes who wished to know how well they were doing when in the field. In those years, the gadgets introduced were mostly used by the Finnish National Cross Country Ski Team.

In the later years, a great demand for heart rate monitors was recorded. Many athletes wanted gadgets that provided detailed information about there training and their improvement record. This fact is still observed by Polar whenever it wants to design new training gadgets. Currently, the company observes the same principle whenever it is designing new gadgets. Polar is considered one of the best companies that produce heart rate monitoring watches.

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