Orthotics, Do You Need Them?

Do you think that you need Orthotics? For those that don’t know, consider several things listed here. First of all, orthotics are used by millions of people across the world. They are available over the counter or by prescriptions from podiatrists. Their job is to align your feet in order to avoid or treat injuries.

25% of all people have a normal running pattern. The rest don’t. For those that don’t, their feet may overpronate or underpronate. This means that the foot turns too much or not enough. Overpronation or Underpronation can lead to serious injury and a lot of pain. But, orthotics can help this. They can correct the problem by adjusting the angles in which your feet touch the ground.

Orthotics can help with such conditions as plantar fascitis, chronic blisters, shinsplints, and leg length problems. Whatever problem you have within your body, it is more than likely caused by too much stress on it. Too much stress causes things to break, rip or tear. In this case, orthotics help prevent these injuries by reducing the amount of stress that has caused the problem in the first place.

Don’t My Shoes Do This Already?

You would think so considering the price that you paid for them, right? Unfortunately, most shoes are designed to feel good but not to support or correct pronation problems. In fact, most shoes are not made to help with stabilization or shock.

So, what should you do? Well, you could be like the other people with this problem in the year 2003. They spent about $375 million on orthotics. Does that mean that you should just run out and get some? Or, should you get custom made orthotics? Custom orthotics cost in the range of $375-$450. You may want to hold off on rushing out to get custom orthotics. Listed below are some steps you should take to get into the right orthotics for you:

  • Step One: Get the right fitting shoe. Depending on your arches and on your weight, you may need a specific type of shoe. Starting in the right place helps this. And, what we mean is that you should go to a specialty running store to get fitted. They will test your feet and shoes to put you in the right type of shoe (cushioned, stability, neutral).

  • Step Two: Change the shoes that you wear. If you wear the same shoe, every day for all your runs, you’ll be more susceptible to injuries. Instead, alternate shoes to give your feet a little relief from a high stress area.

  • Step Three: You may need to see a doctor to rule out any muscle or structural problems. In this case, a physical therapist or a massage therapist could fix the problem for you. You may not need orthotics.

  • Step Four: Start comparison shopping for orthotics. You can find cheap orthotics at the grocery store. However, I recommend that you visit a specialty shoe store to get better quality orthotics. Make sure that when you press onto the arch that it does not collapse. Also, avoid half soles as these do not provide enough support. If you can’t find one that helps you 100%, take your existing orthotic to a podiatrist and have them customize it for you. This is cheaper than a prescription and may be just what you need.

  • Last Step: Your last step is to go for custom running shoe orthotics. The materials used in these will form a custom shape for your foot which will allow you to have the best support. While they are more expensive, it may be the best way to go. And, since they are running shoe orthotics, they will fit to your level of need perfectly.

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