Nike Zoom Structure 14 Review

The Nike Zoom Structure 14 is an updated version of the stability shoe. Not much has changed with the shoe, however. People with mild to moderate overpronation will continue to benefit from the stability and cushioning built into the shoe. Most of the updates have been made to the upper part of the shoe and the addition of a few details.

Features of the Nike Zoom Structure 14

Most manufacturers of stability shoes are attempting to make their creations more lightweight and Nike is no different. To this end, they added the Flywire. Thin Nylon fibers are placed in the upper part of the shoe to reduce slippage and keep the foot in place. This allowed Nike to create a shoe that is lighter and easier to manage during a run.

For stability, a medial post remains in the midsole. This is a hard piece of rubber which prevents the arches from collapsing and straining the foot with each step. In the Nike Zoom Structure 14 the medial post extends from the heel to the end of the arch. The natural movement of the foot is enhanced by flex grooves which ensure the foot remains pliable and to reduce the feeling that you are running in a pair of cement shoes.

Another feature that works to reduce torsional flex is the installation of a plastic shank around the outsole underneath the arch. This helps keep the foot straight so that it doesn’t twist unnaturally while you run. Coupled with the Nylon fiber frame in the upper, your foot is secure in the shoe which helps to correct problems with overpronation. Shock from impact is mitigated by segmented crash pad absorbers. These pads are beveled to distribute the force of impact and contribute to the reduction of overpronation during midstride.

The cushioning system in the Nike Zoom Structure 14 is the most notable. The Nike Zoom Units support the heel and forefoot for heel to toe comfort. They are very thin which lets the runner actually feel the road they are running on. This allows you to move more confidently over the track or field than other shoes that correct for overpronation.

The Nike Zoom Structure 14 has an open mesh upper which allows fee to breathe. As an added bonus, reflective elements are built into the shoe which increases visibility while on the road. As many runners can tell you, the biggest danger threatening runners are drivers who don’t see them on the road. With the reflective elements, you can run in low light knowing you will be seen.

Overview of the Nike Zoom Structure 14

The Nike Zoom Structure 14 gives the overpronator stability and comfort without being heavy on the feet. Tall runners with flat feet especially benefit from the features Nike has built into this update shoe. Testers and customers agree that this shoe is a runners dream with many of them expressing delight over the fact that the shoe conforms to the foot.

The ride is smooth and stable. As a bonus, you can tap into the Nike+ technology to record your runs. The shoe is available in men and women’s sizes in blue, magenta, and red.