Nike LunarElite+ 2 Review

The Nike LunarElite+ 2 is built for runners with under to moderately overpronated running gaits. It is part of the Nike Stable Ride collection and has been designed to give runners the cushioning and support needed for a stable ride. This particular update, which replaces the LunarGlide, has the Nike LunarElite+ 2 switching over to Nike’s new Flywire configuration which has resulted in the shoe to dropping a little weight while increasing support in the upper.

Features of the Nike LunarElite+ 2

The main upgrade to the shoe is the use of the new Nike Flywire technology. Thin Nylon fibers are stretched strategically on the upper part of the shoe. This works to keep the foot stable in the shoe which prevents or reduces slippage. This is the key to avoiding discomfort or the development of blisters and other unpleasantness that come from an ill fitting shoe. This change reduces the total weight of the shoe because the material is only used exactly where it is needed.

The cushioning in the shoe is provided by Lunarlon. This proprietary foam was developed at Nike and is 30% lighter than the Phylon traditionally used in shoes. The foam provides for ultra-plush, soft cushioning that is supportive and resilient. The response is springy and the shock of impact is evenly distributed throughout the foot to help you avoid activating painful pressure points.

The midsole eschews the traditional medial post in favor of soft foam on the lateral and firm foam on the medial. The result is midsole support that avoids the stiffness associated with other shoes that use medial posts. Breathability and comfort is enhanced by the open mesh in the upper while a mix of rubbers on the outsole increases durability and traction.

Reviews of the Nike LunarElite+ 2

This shoe was awarded Best Update by the Runner’s World Awards. Reviewers noted that this particular sequel greatly improved on the original by being lighter and softer as well as proving increased flexibility and stability. The Flex Grooves were deepened which smoothed out the ride considerably.

Runners and testers both feel the Nike LunarElite+ 2 is a great training shoe perfect for doing speedwork or for runners who like to eat up the miles quickly. One thing that testers were sure to make note of was the seam free overlay which people who blister frequently particularly enjoyed.

One reviewer complained that there was no support for long running or walking while another felt the shoe took awhile to break in but was otherwise comfortable. Another reviewer switching from the Air Pegasus stated that the Nike LunarElite+ 2 had less cushioning than their previous shoes and found that going uphill was a little more difficult.

Overall, the Nike LunarElite+ 2 received mostly positive reviews which make this shoe worth looking at the next time you are in the market for lightweight trainers. Men’s shoes come in red, green, and blue while women’s shoes come in lavender, magenta, blue, and lime.