Nike Lunar Eclipse +2 Review

There has been a great deal of buzz built up over the Lunar Eclipse line of running shoes from Nike. I tried the Nike Lunar Eclipse +2 to see how it lives up the hype, and found that this is a shoe that is definitely worth talking about. It has numerous benefits to offer runners, ranging from a snug fit to cushioning that envelops the whole foot in a cloud of comfort. Yet at the same time it is able to give some serious support and stability, which I needed for a long distance run.

Fit of the Nike Lunar Eclipse +2

A snug fit is promised by this shoe from Nike, with a fit system that offers soft material that wraps its way around your arch and middle area of the foot. These fingers connect to the laces and move with your foot, so that you have a fit that is true to form and completely flexible. The fit can be adjusted to best suit your particular size and ability.

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Stability Features

To keep your feet in place and your shoes as stable as possible, the Nike Lunar Eclipse +2 has a horseshoe-shaped piece of material that wraps around the perimeter of the heel, also known as a floating heel support clip. This provides added stability to the foot no matter how hard you are running or how much your heels bounce around naturally. The clips prevent your foot from rolling too far inward or outward, making it suitable for all types of runners. Another area of support is provided in the midsole area of the shoe, with the Nike "Dynamic Support" feature. This gives added stability, without adding any weight or discomfort.

Advantages of the Nike Lunar Eclipse +2

There are numerous benefits that are built into this particular running shoe.

  • A dynamic fit system helps ensure that the shoe is molded directly to your foot.

  • Dynamic Support is a feature that helps adapt to your individual stride, so that you have the highest possible level of stability.

  • Lunarlon cushioning provides flexibility, without adding any extra weight to the design of the running shoe.

These shoes feel extremely light and springy when they are on your feet, while still offering an impressive level of support. The upper portion of the shoe is made from a lightweight mesh, which is breathable so that you can run in warm weather without any adverse reaction.

Other users commented that they enjoyed the stability and strength of these shoes, because while they are somewhat soft, they are also well cushioned for support.

Disadvantages of the Nike Lunar Eclipse +2

The only real negative comments that others have had about these shoes is related to their appearance, as some didn't like the orange-mango color that they sport. This is up to the individual. What I particularly enjoyed about these shoes is the fact that they are so customizable, so that you can really make sure that they fit your particular running needs in terms of fit and flexibility.

Extra Technology in Nike +

The Nike+ brand allows you to track your pace, calories burned, time, and distance, all through your shoes. This includes the Nike Lunar Eclipse +2 which can synchronize to your iPod to track your workout digitally. This added touch of technology is a neat bonus that sets this range apart from other brands on the market today.