New Balance 860 Review

New Balance is well known for their high quality walking and running shoes. As a follow up to the New Balance 760, they released the New Balance 860 which is designed to correct mild to moderate overpronation. However, it fits likes a performance shoe even though it supports and cushions like a stability shoe.

Features of the New Balance 860

This lightweight shoe has a Stability web built into the midsole which provides rigidity to reduce flexing in the midfoot. Instead, it enhances flex in the metatarsal where the foot is supposed to flex. This reduces the common running injury plantar fasciitis which is inflammation in the plantar fascia. This inflammation causes swelling and foot pain, two things that can severely impact your running.

Shock Absorption is handled by two systems: the ABZORB and the N-ergy. ABZORB is a foam material made from a combination of DuPont Engage, Isoprene rubber, and other materials to offer superior cushioning and compression. N-ergy is an elastomer that has no air cells which prevents it from breaking down during the life of your shoe. This technology is absorbs shock and distributes it through entire foot which helps promote a quick return.

Acteva is a durable, lightweight foam placed in the midsole. Made with DuPont Engage, it is 12% lighter than regular foam and resists compression for durability. A duel density medial posts enhances stability while the mesh upper lets the foot breath and stay cool during your run. A lightly padded tongue keeps the upper foot comfortable.

Feedback About the New Balance 860

The fit of the shoe is snug; almost too snug in some cases. While the shoe provides rigid support for overpronators and heavy runners, the toe box is a little too wide and does not provide as much support for the forefoot as it does the midfoot and heel. While you do want a good amount of room for toes to stay happy during your run, too much room can cause slippage. You may need to try on several pairs in order to find a good fit as it seems the shoe may run a little wide.

Overall, the shoe is good for people who want a nice firm ride during long distance runs. It fits the foot well. People have remarked that they have seen an improvement in their posture and experienced reduced foot pain after switching to these shoes for their run. It comes in a few colors for men and women including blue, pink, grey, and lime.