New Balance 1260 V2 Review

The New Balance 1260 V2 running shoe has been updated from its previous version. The previous version of this shoe was constructed a lot higher off of the ground. New Balance has redesigned the heel of this shoe, so that it's positioned closer to the ground. This shoe features more ventilation within its fabric, making your running experience a lot more comfortable. The great thing about this running shoe is that in spite of its firm design and its stabilizing features, this is actually quite a flexible shoe. Runners won't feel like they are running in shoes that are too hard and clunky. This is a shoe that offers a lot of bang for the buck.

Overview of the New Balance 1260 V2

The New Balance 1260 V2 offers runners a combination of stability and enhanced cushioning, within the same running shoe. Stability shoes are great for runners trying to address ankle issues, or back issues. This is also a great shoe for those who are heavy-set or over-weight. At the same time, the runner won't have to worry about feeling hot or weighed down when they wear these shoes.

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Pros and Cons of the New Balance 1260 V2

There are quite a few pros in purchasing the New Balance 1260 shoes. The pros are:

  • The shoes are highly flexible and at the same time, they offer a high level of stability
  • The shoes are pretty lightweight. No one wants to feel weighed down. A runner doesn't have to worry about sacrificing stability for comfort.
  • They offer runners enough height off the ground. The heels feature a double plate design
  • They are very attractive to wear.

There aren't any real cons about this shoe to report. The shoe ranges in price from $135-$160, USD. They are on the higher end of the price scale, but New Balance shoes are a very high quality running shoe. Many runners would think that paying a little extra for New Balance shoes are worth any price they'd have to pay.


I'd recommend this shoe for anyone who doesn't mind paying a little extra for gaining lots of features within one shoe. It's really great how the shoe addresses the issues of comfort and stability. Most runners feel that they'd have to sacrifice one for the other. Also, I'd say that this is a very good shoe to wear on street surfaces. The shoe does feature a “crash pad” in the heel. This feature comes in very handy for runners who need to make fast and hard stops on the streets. While stability running shoes can handle rougher terrains experienced on trails, a runner should keep in mind that New Balance 1260 V2 shoes feature a lower toe. Therefore, running on rough terrains with a lower toe might not feel so comfortable.