Mizuno Wave Rider 14 Review

Runners and running shoe manufacturers have a complex relationship. Manufacturers always want to make changes to their shoes so that they have something new to talk about every year. On the other hand, runners would rather the company not mess with their favorite shoes especially when they have found the perfect pair that fits their running style. It is an ongoing struggle between the two groups. In the case of the Mizuno Wave Rider 14, it seems the manufacturer decided to heed the advice of their customers and keep the shoe pretty much the same as previous versions.

Overview of the Mizuno Wave Rider 14

The Mizuno Wave Rider 14 contains the same running shoe technology as all of their other shoes. The shoe was designed to give moderate neutral support to runners with normal pronation. A smooth ride is ensured by the use of SmoothRide technology that emphasizes the rocking motion of the foot. This helps reduce rapid acceleration and deceleration while the foot transitions from heel to toe off. Flexibility is increased and you will experience more power when you launch off from the ground.

Shock absorption is done by the VS-1 heel cushioning and another system. One change the manufacturer did make was to replace the midsole material used in previous shoes with the AP+ system. In addition to supporting the foot, it also mitigates the energy from impact so that you transition smoothly through the gait cycle.

Mizuno knows that keep feet cool and dry is important to foot health. The AIRmesh upper allows for maximum ventilation while the Mizuno Intercool system that runs the length of the shoe wicks way moisture and minimizes heat. When it’s warm outside, the last thing you want is for your feet to feel like they are on fire.

The Dynamotion Fit technology ensures the foot is secure in the shoe which helps reduce the stress feet put on the shoes. The tongue and collar is lightly padded for comfort and a carbon rubber is used on the bottom to enhance traction and durability.

Summary of the Mizuno Wave Rider 14

Runner and testers liked the cushioning and support provided by the Mizuno Wave Rider 14 which is why the shoes have avid fans. The upgrades Mizuno made to the shoe were minor and served to eliminate previous problems that contributed to pain or discomfort.

One notable problem is that people who wore the Mizuno Wave Rider 14 felt the sizing was off a little. Many noted they needed to go up half a size in order for the shoe to fit properly. Overall, though, Mizuno continues its legacy of quality with the Mizuno Wave Rider 14 by providing neutral runners with the trifecta of comfort, support and quality needed for a great run.

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