Mizuno Wave Precision 13 Review

Mizuno is one of the oldest shoe manufacturers in the country today. They have been reinventing themselves for the past hundred years, and coming up with shoes that are completely in sync with modern times. I am big fan of Mizuno shoes. I think most runners love them. The Mizuno Wave Precision 13 is no different. In fact, if there is one word to describe the Mizuno Wave Precision 13, it would be energetic. The faster, smoother and lighter shoe is every runner’s dream, and if you love to run fast, the way I do, you’ve got to have this shoe. Its Wave Precision technology gives you a bouncy feel as you try to propel yourself during a sprint or a race.

Overview of the Mizuno Wave Precision 13

Mizuno Wave Precision 13 is designed specifically for runners who seek to run fast. The light weight versatile shoe weighs about 9.5 ounces in size 9. You can basically use to run anywhere and any distance. The semi-curve shaped neutral cushioning shoe is ideal for racing, daily training as well as sprinting.

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The first noticeable feature of the Mizuno Wave Precision 13 for me was the resilient midsole. It is designed to energize your motion during the run. The springy toe off added just the right amount of responsiveness required for a fast run. It prevented the toes from getting stuck in the cushion. Both heel strikers and forefoot strikers can bounce back for their next step, thanks to the good lay down of the shoe. The heel stack height of 30mm and Forefoot stack height of 17mm aim to keep your feet close to the ground, though it may not work for everyone.

The midsole of the Mizuno Wave Precision 13 is made up of an elastic, thermal plastic that runs from the heel to the midfoot. The material is a great shock absorber and provides a smooth cushiony ride. However, unlike some of its competitors, the midfoot is springy as well. This helps improve the responsiveness of the shoe without lowering the comfort.

The upper section of the shoe is covered by an AIRmesh. The breathable material keeps your feet cool during runs in hot summer months. The special OrthoLite Sockliner possesses anti-microbial and anti-moisture properties. They help maintain a healthy environment around your shoe, and prevent the formation of blisters and rashes.

The stretchy material around the forefoot and the heel collar support a Dynamotion Fit that prevents your feet and heel from being uncomfortable under the load. The outsole is enhanced with carbon rubber, especially around the heel and the forefoot. This helps improve the durability of the shoe.

Pros and Cons of the Mizuno Wave Precision 13


  • Lightweigh
  • Bouncy and resilient for fast runs
  • Soft heel and firm forefoot


  • Some runners may find the shoe very high, especially around the heel.


Mizuno Wave Precision 13 is a versatile shoe. It is great for neutral runners who prefer lightweight shoes and exceptional cushioning. The high heel-to-toe drop along with the soft heel and firm forefoot may work great for you, especially if you are used to the previous Mizuno models.

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