Mizuno Wave Precision 12 Review

Although Mizuno has released a new version of the Mizuno Wave Precision, not much has changed in the shoe. The Mizuno Wave Precision 12 is a performance neutral shoe designed for the neutral runner. The main difference between this shoe and the previous version is it lost a little weight. Coming in at about 8oz (women’s) 11oz (men’s) per shoe, the Mizuno Wave Precision 12 still contains the same great Mizuno technology that you have grown to love.

List of the Mizuno Wave Precision 12 Features

* Incorporation of the Mizuno Wave technology to promote cushioning and stability. Behaving the same way as a car suspension, when your foot strikes the road, the energy from the impact is absorbed and redistributed throughout the foot. This keeps your foot centered in the shoe while reducing the likelihood that you’ll finish your run with sore feet.

* The midsole is Mizuno’s top of the line AP+ copolymer product that makes the feel of the shoe bouncy and works to increase rebound. The addition of this midsole helped the shoe trim off some of its extra weight so you don’t feel like you are running around with bricks on your feet.

* Rapid acceleration and deceleration is reduced by the SmoothRide technology. SmoothRide incorporates gender specific elements that work to help the foot transition from heel to toe fluidly for a smooth ride. An Extended Wave Plate extends the Mizuno Wave technology to the midfoot for increased torsional rigidity.

* Stress on the foot is minimized by the Dynamotion Fit which was developed after years of studying how the skin and muscles moved on the foot during running. This technology focuses on working with your natural gait to keep the foot secure in the shoe and eliminating bunching, pulling, and slippage.

* Traction and abrasion deflection is achieved through the use of Blown and Carbon rubber on the outsole. Shoes last longer so you can get more miles out of them before they need to be replaced. Feet are kept cool and dry through an upper that promotes maximum ventilation and a sockliner that wicks away moisture and contains microbial properties that kill odor causing germs.

Mizuno Wave Precision 12 Summary

So far, reviews of the Mizuno Wave Precision 12 running shoe have been positive. Most people like the cushioning the shoe provides. Since not much has changed since the last iteration, people who have worn the Mizuno Wave Precision 11s generally like the newest version as well. The shoe is moderately priced and comes in a couple different color schemes that are different for men and women.

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