Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 Review

There comes a time in every runner’s life when they need to replace their favorite running shoes; whether your previous shoes fell apart, were lost, or simply discontinued by the manufacturer. With so many thousands of brands and models on the market, it can be tough to decide which ones to get. It is best to start by figuring out what you need the shoe to do and then find one that match those needs.

About the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 is a lightweight running shoe designed for the moderate overpronator. These shoes are made to give you the stability you need to maintain a healthy gait while keeping your feet comfortable throughout your entire run. Like the other Mizuno Wave Inspire shoes that came before, the Inspire 7 is built on Mizuno’s flagship shoe technology.

Based on their study of waves and energy, they custom designed a shoe that reduces and dispels the energy from the impact of your foot hitting the ground. Called the Mizuno Wave, this technology keeps your foot centered in the shoe from heel to toe. The company crafted multiple shapes so they could build a shoe to fit every type of foot. However, the shoe still manages to be lightweight, compact, and durable.

Another piece of shoe technology that the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 contains is the SmoothRide system. This starts with the grooves in the heel which works to maintain a natural movement in your stride. At the midsole, the AP+ give the shoe a good bounce while the forefront is supported by Flex Grooves and Flex Controllers that work to make the roll up and strike off as fluid and powerful as possible.

Overview of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7

With the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 appearances can be deceiving. Although it is a lightweight shoe, it provides a lot of support and correction to those struggling with overpronation. People with normal to low arches can also benefit greatly from the features of these trainers.

Mizuno worked to create a shoe that fit the foot using their Dynamotion Fit technology to create the upper part of the shoe. The materials and design allow the shoe to flex and bend with the movement of your foot. This helps reduce or eliminate bunching, pulling, and irritation that can cause blisters.

One major complaint is that the back cuff is high; higher than other shoes in the same class. In some cases, this can cause irritation on the back of the foot and even make socks bunch up inside the shoe which can lead to blisters. At the very least, you may have to stop every five minutes to pull up your socks.

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 received a lot of positive feedback and is considered to be top of the line in running shoes. The mesh upper allows for maximum breathability and the carbon rubber outsole keeps you from slipping and sliding all over the treadmill. It comes in a variety of colors in men and women’s sizes. However, the price of the shoe falls towards the low end so you can afford to get several pairs to match all of your running outfits.

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