Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Review

There are many different categories of running shoes, all grouped together based on the latest research findings and theories in the running and fitness world. One category is "neutral," which refers to shoes designed with high arches. These have less added stability, so that feet are able to guide themselves through each step without as much outside support. The Mizuno Wave Creation 14 falls into this category, as a neutral or minimalist shoe. There are many factors to take into consideration when you are trying to find the best type of shoe, including your body frame. I chose to try these new Mizuno shoes to see what the neutral shoe fit felt like, and found that they have a number of other features that can help make running easier.

New Design Features of Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Shoes

There are a few updates that have been added to the regular Mizuno Wave Creation line, including springier cushioning to give your feet a livelier bounce when out hitting the pavement. Other features of the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 include some of the following:

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  • Dynamotion Fit – This product feature is claimed by Mizuno to help reduce the effects of lateral stress, so that you get the maximum benefits of a perfect fit while you are in motion. It locks your heels into place, reducing the strain on your instep.

  • SmoothRide – During running, a problem that many people have is cramping due to the rapid acceleration of the foot movements as you speed up and slow down. This feature is meant to help give you a smoother ride, with structure and engineering.

  • InterCool – Ventilation throughout the full length of the sole is designed to help reduce heat and humidity that can build up inside of the shoe, so that your feet stay cool and dry. This is a nice feature for those of us who suffer from sweaty feet during long runs.

  • Mizuno Wave – The main structure that gives this shoe its name helps combine stability for the foot as well as cushioning, for a more comfortable experience.

Shock absorbing cushioning in the heel and front of the shoe helps minimize impact on the foot, while at the same time still giving you that feeling of neutrality that sets this type of shoe design apart from others. I found that it gives a good level of support, with ample cushioning.

The Final Verdict on the Mizuno Wave Creation 14

When reading other reviews, it seems that most people who have tried the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 have liked the cushioning and support that it provides. It's extremely breathable, and is suitable for long distance running. The Wave Creation 13 is also a popular shoe, but this takes those features a step further, with more support, extra cushioning, and a higher level of durability.

On the other hand, some reviewers have found that the toe box of the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 is too tight for their liking. This shoe also weighs more than the prior versions of the Mizuno Wave Creation, so if you are looking for a lightweight running shoe, you might want to consider other options. However, the weight difference is only slight, so these are all a few factors to take into consideration.

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