Mizuno Wave Creation 12 Review

Mizuno has been working on creating the perfect running shoe for every occasion and has come dangerously close using their Mizuno Wave technology. The Mizuno Wave Creation 12 is an updated shoe that makes generous use of this technology to provide maximum comfort and stability. This shoe works best on neutral to under-pronators that need reinforced cushioning. If that sounds like you, then the Mizuno Wave Creation 12 may be the shoe you need.

Features of the Mizuno Wave Creation 12

The Mizuno Wave Creation 12 works to give runners a smooth natural ride while providing outstanding cushioning and durability. One of the changes made in the upgrade to the Mizuno Wave Creation 12 was the addition of the AP+ midsole. Made from composite materials, this midsole enhances energy return for a bouncy feel and increased rebound.

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The Mizuno Wave technology embedded in the shoe also helps with cushioning. It lessens and dissipates the energy from the impact of the foot hitting the running surface. At the same time, it contributes to support by keeping the foot centered in the shoe the entire stride. This patented technology allows the shoe to be more lightweight while still supporting the foot during long or short runs.

SmoothRide contributes to a fluid rocking chair movement during each step. Flex Grooves placed on the heel contributes to the foot’s natural movements and enhances the transition between the landing and the toe off. This shoe technology gives the Mizuno Wave Creation 12 a bouncy feel while still providing the forefoot with a firm base from which to launch from.

The upper on the Mizuno Wave Creation 12 was created using Dynamotion Fit technology. Mizuno engineers studied the foot and tried to create a shoe that mimic the natural motion of the foot. The shoe’s flexibility bends and stretches along with your foot. The Flex eyelets keep the foot secured in the shoe as well as minimize discomfort associated with bunching and pulling.

Overview of the Mizuno Wave Creation 12

The stretch technology used in the Mizuno Wave Creation 12 allows for a more personalized fit. People who are fast runners and/or put in a lot of miles in their shoes will especially benefit from this personalization. One complaint that is seen in similar footwear is the fact that the upper creases in unexpected places which can cause discomfort when running at high speeds. You don’t have that problem with the Mizuno Wave Creation 12.

The Mizuno Wave Creation 12 is definitely not for people who have problems with over or under pronation. Additionally, the sensor points that were placed in the Mizuno Wave Creation 11 have been removed in favor of deeper flex grooves. Some people feel this lessened the support in the shoe.

For the most part, feedback from runners and testers were mixed. Some enjoyed the natural feel of the shoe which helped to reduce the impact on their joints and limbs. Others felt that the toe box was too snug and needed to go up a size for comfort. Both groups felt the shoe needed a longer than average break in period before full comfort was achieved. Overall, though, the Mizuno Wave Creation 12 is worth a try if you are a neutral runner looking for comfort and support.

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