Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 Review

Mizuno has been the trusted brand for athletes around the world and for good reason. The company has long produced high quality shoes that give runners the comfort and stability they need to go the distance. Case in point, the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 is a lightweight, flexible shoe that provides gentle motion control for the moderate to severe overpronator. The company redesigned the shoe so well from its previous incarnation that it won a Best Renovation award from the Running Network in the Fall of 2010.

Features of the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11

The shoe features the company well known Mizuno Wave technology. After years of research, the engineers at Mizuno developed a system that provides the same kind of shock absorption and dispersion as your car’s suspension. From the moment your heel touches down to the instance it toes off, the energy is redistributed to keep the foot cushioned and centered in the shoe so you can enjoy the smooth ride.

SmoothRide encourages the natural rocking motion of the foot. It begins with the Flex Grooves situated in the heel that initiates a rocking chair movement and continues through the AP+ midsole with Flex Controllers that smoothly rolls your foot forward onto a solid toe off platform. The result is a fluid transition that allows you a more powerful launch. The AP+ midsole is lightweight and responsive but built to last a long time.

Feet are treated to a full length ventilation system that keeps them dry and comfortable. In addition to that, the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 features gender specific enhancements that adapt to the differing needs of men and women. The Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 for women feature Flex Grooves in the forefront while the men get a little wider sole. Both men and women enjoy the Dynamotion Fit construction that keeps the foot snug inside the shoe and reduces the stress that shoes can place on the foot.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 Pros and Cons

Customers really enjoyed wearing the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11. They felt the shoe offered excellent support and cushioning while still providing more than enough room for toes to move around comfortably. One reviewer noted that the shoe provided enough padding but still let them feel the road. The shoes appear to have stood up well under their first 100 miles.

Price wise, the shoe lands in the midrange. But considering all of the technology built into the shoe, runners felt the cost was worth it. The main problem is that men and women get one color each so fashionistas may be disappointed with the selection. Overall, though, people were happy with their purchase which makes this shoe worth a look over the next time you are in the market for a motion control running shoe.

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