Mio Drive Review

Working out is meant to keep one fit. Most people measure how much they have worked out by how many hours they have spent working out. However, there is a more accurate way of measuring this. The Mio Drive has several features that make every minute of your workout accounted for.

Overview of the Mio Drive

Mio Drive is designed for those people who love to maximize their workout sessions. It is designed to monitor the heart rate accurately. It allows you to track how you are progressing with your workout by showing you a personalized heart rate, the calories burnt during the exercise and a display of % of maximum heart rate.

Features of the Mio Drive

  • It is strapless. It is an on demand heart rate monitor that has no chest strap.
  • It has a stop watch. The stop watch has both a count up and countdown timer. The countdown timer is followed by the count up timer in a cycle.
  • The watch band is interchangeable.
  • A changeable battery. It can be changed from user to user.
  • An easy to understand time keeping method. Time is shown by time and date. The daily alarm is displayed too.
  • Calorie consumption. When working out, the calories are calculated depending on your age, weight, sex and heart rate readings. The calories are then added to your collective total that you can reorganize anytime you want to.
  • A backlight is available to enable you see the readings even in darkness.
  • Your heart rate is displayed in terms of heart beats per minutes.

Pros of the Mio Drive

  • The timer can be setup in 5 different ways that you desire. You can countdown to zero and stop, use it as a stop watch, countdown then follow with a count up, countdown to zero and repeat the process and use it as a dual timer.
  • It is easy to track as when the timer hits zero, it will beep twice hence notifying you.
  • It is water resistant up to 30 meters.
  • It has an advanced ergonomic sensor.

Cons of the Mio Drive

  • It has a limited one year warranty.


If you are the type that likes monitoring every progress while you work out, MIO Drive is the best device to invest in. It has all the features that you require in the monitoring progress and it is worth your money.

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