Marathon Tips You Can Count On!

Whether you are the seasoned runner or if you are planning your first, you need marathon tips to help you get the most out of your run. We have just the thing for you. Take a closer look at these marathon tips and add them into your preparations for your big 26.2 mile run.

Marathon Tips: One Month Out

There are a number of marathon tips to cover starting with those that you can take on a month prior to your run.

  • Pick out the right gear, especially the right shoes and socks. Make sure they are lightweight, supportive and yet comfortable. Give them a test run to make sure that you won’t develop tired feet or blisters during your race.
  • Give it a try. Get out and get into a marathon but only a half. Get the mental boost from completing a half marathon as well as the ability to see where you are in your training. Run the half marathon at a slightly faster pace than your marathon pace.
  • Get in a long run. Try to balance the half marathon and a long 20 to 26 mile run within the four week and three week out mark. In the last eight miles, run one minute per mile slower than your marathon pace. Speed up every two miles in order to run your last couple at a slightly faster pace. It will help your endurance and pacing to increase your effort as you are tiring at the end of your run.
  • Start trying out your runs on the type of terrain that your marathon run will be on. Hills, slopes, flat terrain.
  • Hydrate yourself as you will during the marathon. Tips for this include drinking at the same times and with the same liquid, getting the feel for where and when the drinks will be, and simply getting used to drinking while running.
  • Get dressed. Make sure to use running clothes but don’t forget to actually give them a try too. Getting comfortable beforehand will save you later.
  • Remember that it is time to maintain now, not to increase your running. That means that you need to avoid pushing yourself too hard and too fast to improve performance. You need to maintain instead.

One Week To Go Marathon Tips

  • It’s time to start tapering. Do no more than 40% of your peak mileage. Begin to store up your energy both physically as well as mentally.
  • Do your weekly training at the same times as your marathon. When you run at the same time as the marathon, your body will begin to get in sync, in rhythm.
  • Set two goals. The first one is the one you have been working on while the second should be based on motivation. If things don’t work out for your first goal, give yourself the room to win at your second goal.
  • Psyche yourself up. See yourself winning and do so daily. Before going to bed and first thing when you get up; picture yourself crossing the finish line and with a record time on the clock.
  • Make sure you take the time to relax during the last days before your race. It is important that stress is reduced, the proper foods are eaten and the right amount of sleep is gotten.
  • Eat carbohydrates during the last three days. Foods like pasta, breads, fruits and low fat treats have the energy that you need. Your body will store that energy for your race. Eat the same amount too. Eating too much won’t help you out. As long as you are eating the right foods, you’ll be well equipped.
  • Don’t change things now. Now is the time to stick with what you know. So, make sure that you do so. Even if something miraculous happens, just go with what you have planned.

The Day Of Marathon Tips

  • Marathon tips for the day of the race are often the most important only because it’s all about the here and now. Start your day with a good, carbohydrate rich breakfast. Eat it two to three hours before start time.
  • Warm up. Only do light warm ups and stretches. The best marathon tip here is to not bring up your core body temperature and don’t start using your stored energy. A little jog or even just a light walk is all you need.
  • Focus is important for racing. Gather yourself together with a little quiet time in which you remind yourself of why you are here and what you are doing this for.
  • Start your race slow. Marathon tip here is to do the first two or three miles at ten to fifteen seconds below your goal pace. Reserve your energy now.
  • Relaxing is also important. Enjoy the scenery, take in what’s around you and don’t worry about your race.
  • Keep your mind busy with games, singing a song in your head… anything but worrying about where you are and what you are doing.
  • Grab up those sports drinks offered along the way. They refuel your carbohydrate levels and will keep you going.
  • Your heading to the end. Here are two marathon tips. First, go hard late. Once you hit the halfway mark, you can start to push. Don’t be overly aggressive though, save that hard run for late in the race. And, talk to yourself about the simple fact that you are almost there.
  • You have just completed 26.2 miles. Celebrate!

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