Karhu Flow Fulcrum Ride Review

Competitive running requires speed, endurance, and agility. The Karhu Flow Fulcrum Ride is a competitive trainer designed to assist neutral runners in training for running events where speed is key. This shoe features several pieces of great shoe technology that allows you to run fast without hindrance as well as maintain durability so your shoes will last a long time.

Features of the Karhu Flow Fulcrum Ride

* This shoe contains fulcrum technology which converts the natural energy of your body into the momentum you need to get across the finish line. Your movements will be more fluid and natural. The rear fulcrum is soft and has a short load zone because of its position. If your stride has you striking the ground heel first, load bearing will be reached sooner increasing gait efficiency.

* The EVA was molded precisely to provide a responsive ride. The fulcrum is asymmetrically designed and provides a firm premium response (77 durometers). The upper midsole is 53 durometers. The midsole encourages a quick transition so you can move at the maximum pace possible.

* The rubber outsole is compression molded and features a high abrasion outsole compound which promotes durability. The Ortholite insole has a PU memory that is resilient and lets feet breathe freely. This means you get the best traction as well as premium moisture control and cushioning.

* The upper part of the shoe is made from an open-face air mesh vamp and a closed face ballistic mesh. The top stitch provides additional support. The open mesh is lightweight and promotes ventilation while the closed mesh applies support to the midfoot saddle. Feet are locked down in the shoe and durability is enhanced at the toe off for the entire life of the shoe.

Feedback of the Karhu Flow Fulcrum Ride

The Karhu Flow Fulcrum Ride is lightweight weighing in at about 7.8oz. This comes at the cost of no cushioning in the shoe. If you are person that absolutely must have cushioning then this is not the shoe for you. These running shoes are meant for racing and anything that adds weight to the shoe can slow you down.

Minimalists, however, may fall in love with this shoe as it definitely fits the ideology of the minimalist movement. With very little separating your foot and the ground, you will be able to feel the road on every type of terrain. This can be great if you are running on pavement or a treadmill. It can quickly become uncomfortable if you are running in the woods or other places where there is a lot of debris on the ground.

These shoes were made to help you run fast and they definitely do as advertised. If you are looking for racing shoes that help you run like the wind, then check out Karhu Flow Fulcrum Ride. They are priced in the midrange and come in some seriously electric colors. If you can get past that, these shoes will serve you well.

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