K-Swiss Blade Max Stable Review

A neutral running shoe with all the bells and whistles that today's athletic shoe manufacturers are able to provide, the K-Swiss Blade Max Stable is designed for high mileage, so you can take it out anywhere. The main focus of the technological features in this shoe is dedicated to providing comfort, cushioning, and stability, from the Super Foam to the Blade Max Tech components. With cushioned soles, you can feel like you are running on air, while seamless upper construction and 3-D posting help ease the foot into the center of the shoe for more focused runs. It's helpful to take a look at these and other features to figure out if this shoe is a good fit for your running needs.

Overview of the K-Swiss Blade Max Stable

K-Swiss has a number of features built into its Blade Max Stable, including special technologies that are designed to provide cushioning and stability. They have mesh inserts to allow the feet to breathe, as well as specific types of materials unique to this brand.

  • Blade-Max cushioning is a top-of-the-line product that helps add durability and is designed to be as lightweight as possible.

  • Stay-Tied Laces technology keep your shoelaces in place, staying tied no matter how fast you may be running or in what circumstances.

  • Super Foam is used for the crash pad and foot bed, which helps provide added cushioning and durability. They help your feet avoid compression.

Another feature that is worth noting on the Blade Max Stable is that they have seam-free uppers, with welded upper construction. This bonds together different layers of TPU and synthetic suede onto the tech mesh, without any use of stitching. By eliminating stitching, the shoes not only provide more effective support, but they also are more comfortable.

Pros and Cons of the K-Swiss Blade Max Stable

Reviewers of the K-Swiss Blade Max Stable have mainly positive comments. They noted that the shoes provide excellent grip on trails and regular roads, and provide comfortable cushioning for all portions of the feet. Other positive attributes mentioned in sample reviews include the fact that they have a firm heel-cup and a flexible upper portion, which makes them extremely comfortable.

However, some users of the K-Swiss Blade Max Stable didn't like the bright colors that they are available in, preferring a more subtle look for their running shoes. It was also mentioned that it's best to have your gait analyzed at a running shop before trying these shoes, to make sure that they are the right fit for you, even if you end up buying them online after your fitting.

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