Garmin FR60 Review

The Garmin FR60 has the ability to track things that matter when you work out. When you add in the footpad that comes with the watch, you can be your own trainer. Then when you come home you can sync it all on your computer. It is like having your own personal trainer. Here are some highlights of the features that this watch provides for training.

Pros of the Garmin FR60

  • It has a heart rate monitor.
  • It tracks the time that you have been running.
  • It shows how many calories that you have burned.
  • It tracks the distance that you have been riding your bike.
  • It has a virtual monitor.

These are just a few things that you should know about the Garmin FR60 that beyond the basics. It is waterproof to 50 meters for example. That isn’t just good for the rainy day. It allows you to track your progress as you swim. This means that your swim training just went up a notch. Forget the trainer. Buy this and you can ditch the trainer. This little gizmo is the best around for a trainer and health monitor.

Then there is the fact that it works right out of the box. Unlike some gizmos, this one is simple to use. It is one gizmo that you don’t have to read the manual on. It even comes in different colors for the male and female taste.

All of the accessories that come with the Garmin FR60 make it score with the geeks at heart. Get your geek on and get in shape at the same time. Track your laps and set goals to make your body more trim and fit than it has ever been.

The battery lasts approximately 12 hours on a single charge. When it comes time to recharge it, just plug it in for two hours. Then it will be back to a full charge and ready to go.

Cons of the Garmin FR60

It really doesn’t have any cons. Unless you think the price is too high for perfection. While the cost is a bit high, it is worth it considering the fact that it could save your life. That’s right, there are no cons.

So try the it for your work out today and see if it helps you get your body back in shape. If you stick with it and use it on a regular basis, you will reach your goal. You just have to decide if you want it in black or in lilac. Then put it on and head out to do the things that you love and get in shape. Remember to watch the monitor so you stay safe while you get your body back in optimum shape.