Finding the Best Running Shoes

Often times finding the best running shoes will enable the runner to perform at his or her highest level. So, obviously, this is important to the success of an individual’s running career. Finding the best running shoes is often not a question of which brand to choose, but of which type of running shoe to purchase.

The best running shoes out there are shoes that fit the personality and needs of the runner. There is no one brand that works well with everyone in every circumstance. The best running shoe for one individual is not the best for everyone else. So, how do you know which is the best running shoe for you? It all begins with what you already know.

What is meant by that is that the best running shoe is the shoe that will perform the best under your set of circumstances. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine which type of running shoe is best for you. Begin with your foot.

  • What type of arch do you have?
  • How do you stand, with your feet facing inward, straight or slightly outward? Then, think about the terrain and uses you will use your running shoe on.
  • Will it be a rough terrain or a padded track?
  • Will you run long distances?
  • Are you running for speed and competition?

Knowing this basic information will point you in the right direction of the best running shoe for you.

Now that you have answered the questions about you, you can consider the running shoes themselves. There are many features and added items that you can think about as well. You can consider your brand and price range at this point. Putting all this together, you will find the best running shoe available for your needs as opposed to everyone else’s.

Click on the video below to learn about the different foot-types and the correct shoe for each of the three types:

Need a step-by-step guide on how to choose running shoes that are right for your feet?

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