Dog Running Gear: Equip Your Dog

Giving your dog the right dog running gear will keep him happy. What will make him the happiest, though, is the simple fact that you are running with him. Dogs are runners. They are the best companions to take out on your run. The way they are built allows them to run powerfully and well. Did you know that many puppies at the ripe age of six months old are ready to run two miles? While it is important for you to check with your vet first, you will find that dogs are the perfect companions to take out on the road. Here is some dog running gear to help you get them fitted.

Dog running gear and accessories are offered in a variety of options but these are the brands and types that we recommend. Take a closer look:

Dog Running Accessories

  • Think about collars. If your dog is walking you, you need to consider the premier Pet Product’s Gentle Leader head collar. It features a nylon strap that puts just enough pressure on the dog’s neck and nose to tell him that you are leading this race. It’s only about $25 too.

  • Watch his feet! Many dogs are forced to run on hard surfaces that can wear down the dog’s foot pads. This can lead to nail bed injuries. To help them avoid this, use 3D Bark ‘N Boots by ruff Wear. You can use these anytime soft conditions are not available. They may be uncomfortable at first, but they will quickly adjust. Cost: about $38

  • Give them a collar with identification. Make sure the dog’s name and address (and your phone number) is listed on an ID tag. LLBean Personalized Dog Collar is a good choice. It is made of nylon. Cost: 16.50

  • Or, consider the digital version. 40 lines of text can be stored on the LLBean Dog E-Tag. Things like your contact information, the dog’s name and medical history, reward offers, and anything else you can think of can be used here. This weather resistant product attaches with Velcro. Cost: about $40.

  • Dog running gear is not complete until you protect them from dehydration. Consider the Outward hound’s Joggers. This hands free fanny pack allows you to carry a leash, water bottle and Port A Bowl for him to get a drink. Cost: $20.

  • A Glow in the Dark Reflective Jacket is essential to protecting your dog on predawn or evening walks. Make sure he is seen with this light reflecting Illuminite. It is weather proofed and breathable. It only takes two adjustable Velcro straps to attach it. Cost: $45

  • The leash. Consider the Planet Dog’s Jogging Belt instead of the traditional leash which will end up straining your neck and shoulders. This nylon waist belt is attached with a belt that is comfortable and easily detached. It is available at the cost of about $19 - $35.