Brooks Trance 11 Review

One of the first things that you might notice about the new Brooks Trance 11 shoes is their design, which is bright and trendy. The Brooks name is written running down the heel, and the shoe name is written in the laces so that you have no doubt about what brand and type of running shoe you are wearing. This shoe is designed to be as comfortable and lightweight as possible, for a smooth fit and easy wear. It's helpful to look at the features offered by this new design from the Brooks label, in addition to the decorative pattern contained in the mesh and the bright colors.

Design Features of the Brooks Trance 11

In the upper portion of the Brooks Trance 11 design, there are several notable features. To begin with, the Tongue Tied lacing system helps to reduce the sliding of the tongue, keeping the shoes' various parts in place. These upper materials are constructed from comfortable and breathable materials, with an open mesh overlay that provides a high level of ventilation. This made the shoes dry and cool to wear, even when running several miles. Another factor to think about is overpronation, which happens when your feet hit the ground on the lateral side of your heel, leading to uneven weight distribution. You have to be careful about this, because it can cause your ankles to weaken or your arches to collapse over time. .

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A major feature of the Brooks Trance 11 shoes is that they are designed to correct any overpronation, so that your arches are well supported and your feet hit the ground evenly, no matter what your natural stride might be. This includes the Caterpillar Crash Pad, which lines the sole with a pad to help give a smoother ride and absorb shock from your feet. The energy is shifted from your heel to your toe, giving you a fluid stride. Another important piece of technology incorporated into this shoe is the DNA Technology, which consists of gel cushioning that adapts to your running. The more force you place on the gel, the harder the liquid becomes to absorb this force and protect your feet.

Brooks Trance 11 Verdict

There are pros and cons that we noticed about these striking running shoes. In terms of positive features, the arch support is really top notch. Other reviewers have also noted the fact that the shoes have cushioned impact, which keeps feet well-supported during use. The toe box is good and wide, which gives your feet a roomy fit without any pinching, which was nice and comfortable. There's also a sock liner that offered a little bit of extra dryness and padding which I liked.

Although the cost is higher for the Brooks Trance 11 than some other models put out by the same brand, the shoe has many technological features that make it worthwhile. They are plush and comfortable, while still practically absorbing shock and correcting your stride. However, some reviewers with flat feet felt that these shoes didn't provide enough arch support. They also have a somewhat wide fit and heavy weight to deal with.