Brooks Trance 10 Review

The Brooks Trance 10 is a top of the line shoe designed to provide comfort and correction to runners with overpronation problems. It is an update to the Trance 9 that has all the same great features plus a few more to give runners more bang for their buck.

The newest addition to the Brooks Trance 10 is their DNA cushioning system. The material runs the length of the inside of the shoe and molds itself to provide individualized support where you need it. No matter your size, foot shape, or rate of speed, this system works in conjunction with the BioMoGo system to respond to the impact of foot hitting the ground and your pace. The shock is dispersed efficiently which translates into a smoother ride at any speed.

Another feature that keeps you breezing through your daily run is the unique design of the Trance 10 sole. Brooks engineered the sole in the shape of small rings rather than track pads. This goes around the perimeter of the shoe to assist in correcting overpronation and improving flexibility. The insole is also double layered which contributes to shock absorption without sacrificing overpronation control.

To help correct overpronation, the Brooks Trance 10 has the company’s well known Progressive Diagonal Rollbar midsole as well as the DRB Accel unit installed. The Diagonal Rollbar works to make the transition through the gait cycle as smooth as possible. The Accel unit keeps the midfoot rigid while letting the heel and forefoot move freely.

The fit of the shoe is enhanced by the adjustable eyelets. Although they are symmetrical, unlike the Asics Kayano 17, the flexibility of the eyelets greatly reduces irritation. It also keeps the tongue of the shoe in place so you don’t have to deal with mid-run slippage.

Overview of the Brooks Trance 10

One of the unique things about the Brooks Trance 10 is the fact that parts of the shoes are biodegradable. Specifically, the midsole is made from environmentally friendly material that, when placed in an active landfill, will breakdown quickly. If you are looking to lessen your impact on the environment then it may be worth looking into these trainers.

The goal of this pair of the Trance 10 is to provide firm support for overpronators and a well cushioned ride. The Rollbar technology and DNA cushioning accomplishes that. Although some testers felt the shoes were too stiff and firm, the Brooks Trance 10 remains highly rated for both average and experienced runners. They are available in a few different color schemes for men and women including blue, lavender and black.