Brooks Summon 3 Review

Brooks sought to give runners a high performance shoe at a value price. The Brooks Summon 3 aims to be the shoe which fulfills that promise. Underpronators will find that the Brooks Summon 3 has the cushioning and support they need for a smooth run each time they make it to their favorite running track. Although the price tag is low, runners will find that the value they get from this running shoe is worth twice what a retailer may charge.

Features of the Brooks Summon 3

This neutral shoe starts with Hydroflow cushioning. The heel and forefoot have chambers filled with fluid that absorb the shock from touchdown and dissipates it throughout the entire sole. This cushioning also adds stability to the heel so it can provide support to the entire foot when it hits the ground.

The midsole of the Brooks Summon 3 is developed from eco-friendly materials that allow it to break down quickly when placed in an active landfill. The Bio-257 runs the entire length of the midsole. Coupled with the Caterpillar Crash Pad, these two features gives the foot flexibility, stability, and cushioning that makes for a smooth transition from the heel to the toe which is further emphasized by the Cush Pod Configuration. The DRB Accel, a thermoplastic unit situated in the midfoot, promotes torsional rigidity and gives additional support to that area.

HPR Plus rubber is placed on the on the heel of the shoe while the forefront gets Contact Rubber. Both enhance traction so your foot stays on the road when you touch down. Additionally, the HPR extends the life of your shoe by reducing wear and tear so you get your money’s worth out of the shoe.

The upper part of the shoe also contributes to the stability and cushioning of the foot. A Strobel Last is attached to a full length Cushsole to make the underfoot soft. A traditional sockliner and air mesh adds more comfort while keeping the foot cool by letting air circulate freely. The entire package is made from synthetic overlays that keeps the foot secure in the shoe.

Reviews of the Brooks Summon 3

Runners who purchased or tested the Brooks Summon 3 enjoyed the smooth ride the technology in the shoe provides. They felt the shoe let the feet breathe, were comfortable for running but lightweight enough for everyday walking as well.

Brooks sizing is fairly consistent and the Brooks Summon 3 fit true to size. The toe box is a little smaller than other Brooks shoes but still provided more than enough room for toes. The only negative feedback concerned the bottom of the shoe. The tread has lots of crevices for rocks to get stuck in. Although this will not affect the smooth transition, you may be stuck listening to annoying clicking every time your foot hits the ground.

Overall, runners and testers felt the Brooks Summon 3 delivered on its promise. People looking for good running shoes at a low price should give them a try. Fashion wise, the shoe is only available in one color for men (blue) and women (purple/grey).