Brooks Ravenna 4 Review

Different runners want different things from their shoes, and the Brooks Ravenna 4 is the option worth looking at if one needs a good all-around shoe for mild runners. While it's not designed to be a top of the line, high-end racing shoe, it will offer quality comfort and decent performance for the price. With a couple of different color designs that will catch anyone's attention, including bright purple and neon green against a black base, the shoe looks great and meets most performance standards. It's not going to win a lot of races or change the way the world thinks about running shoes, but for what it is it's a good entry into the Brooks line.

Overview of the Brooks Ravenna 4

The Brooks Ravenna 4 is a cushioned shoe that focuses on delivering comfort first and foremost. While it's okay for use on the track for short sprints, it's really designed to be a comfortable training shoe that provides good support and maximum cushioning so that your feet and legs don't end up in agony after a run. It's a kind of 'workhorse' shoe that's worth consideration.

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Pros and Cons of the Brooks Ravenna 4


Looking at the list of 'pros' for the Brooks Ravenna 4, it's easy to see that it is focused on feeling great on the foot. Here are the best features of the shoe.

  • Adjustable arch saddles to make for the perfect fit no matter your foot type.
  • Unique insole boards that actually rebound quicker than EVA and offer maximum cushioning.
  • BioMoGo alloy foam in the midsoles that also boost cushioning and eliminates the majority of 'foot fatigue'
  • Quick drying design makes them good all-weather shoes
  • DNA cushioning pods actually adjust to your feet through the use of a high viscosity liquid. It adjusts itself with each step you take to improve your comfort no matter your style of running.
  • High traction on the soles for wet runs as well as runs on all surfaces. It's hard to slip in these.
  • Good price for the value. Cheaper than other options.
  • Shoes are actually designed to break down quicker than other shoes when in the landfill. Vegan friendly and designed with the environment in mind.


Despite the long list of good features, there are still a few things that stand out about the shoes that some may not like. Here's what's worth mentioning.

  • Not the fastest, highest performing shoes. These are comfortable, but not the best when you're in a race.
  • A bit heavy for what they are, at about 1.36 pounds.
  • The different features, while designed to improve comfort, also feel a bit odd to those who aren't used to them. It can take some time to adjust to the feel of the shoe.
  • Okay at pretty much everything, but not really 'great' at anything. Good level of comfort, but not the best.

The Verdict

Basically, the Brooks Ravenna 4 is a good shoe but not a great one. On the surface, it is packed with features that help it stand out and while it's very much a shoe that is worth trying if you want a good all-around runner that will provide good comfort and decent support, it's not going to wow too many people. In fact, for some the various features will feel a bit odd.

The Brooks Ravenna 4 is likely to find its home as a great option for entry level runners and those with 'in-between' feet who can't find a good fit elsewhere. Serious runners who want a serious, high performing shoe, however, may want to take a look at some of the other options on the market to see what they can offer instead.