Brooks Pure Flow Review

One of the most hotly anticipated shoes of the past few years has been the Brooks Pure Flow, which is part of the PureProject line of minimalist running shoes. This footwear is designed to most closely mimic the experience of running barefoot, without extraneous support. These shoes are intended to maximize your flexibility, so that your feet can move naturally as you run along footpaths or any other type of terrain. However, they also offer a healthy dose of cushioning at the same time as giving you this intuitive grip and feel. Arch support is provided with the Nav Band, while a center strike pod helps give the foot a bit of added support as well.

Features and Technology in the Brooks Pure Flow

In addition to the features and theories mentioned above, the Brooks Pure Flow also offers mesh wraps that wind their way entirely around the foot for the most comfortable fit. The upper mesh is light and allows your feet to remain ventilated, while it is constructed out of a bright neon green that is sure to be attention catching. It also contains a hint of silver for a more classical appearance. The interior of the shoe is comfortable, with a soft inner heel liner that hugs the feet gently for a nice fit.

The sole of the Brooks Pure Flow has a bouncy, springy feel to it, which can help move your run right along. It is composed of a mix of the traditional compounds from Brooks known as DNA foam and Biomogo. To make the sole more durable, the outer portion is constructed from rubber, and is prominent enough to withstand many strong training runs. There is a nav-band that wraps around the middle part of the foot, so that the shoe fits you like a glove. The rounded heel allows you to have a more forward landing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Brooks Pure Flow

Other reviewers have noted that the Brooks Pure Flow is an extremely solid shoe that is built for performance. It has the benefits of being comfortable, cushioned, and springy to keep your momentum going when you are out on the track or road. They have an intuitive design and feeling that lets you feel the road and work with your feet, without too much cushioning, yet still provide a hefty dose of stability. This makes them a good midrange shoe for those who want to experiment with minimalism rather than commit to it.

One downside for those who are distance runners is that the Brooks Pure Flow will only last for 250 to 300 miles in most cases, due to the shoes being constructed from fewer materials to achieve a lighter, more natural feeling. Those who are looking for a full-on barefoot minimalist shoe may also be disappointed by the Pure Flow, because it contains some form of arch support. However, as this is not too intrusive, it can be good for those who want a more moderate experience out of their running shoes.