Brooks Glycerin 9 Review

Brooks Glycerin 9 owners are raving about this newest update from Brooks. Designed for the neutral and underpronator, this cushioning shoe features the Brooks DNA gel throughout the entire shoe instead of just the rearfoot and forefoot. This major change increased the comfort level of the shoe while providing a customized running experience to runners of all shapes and sizes.

Features of the Brooks Glycerin 9

Brooks introduced three major changes to the shoe. The first is the previously mentioned Brooks DNA. This viscous fluid runs the full length of the shoe and is engineered to conform to the way each individual person runs. The technology actually responds to the amount of force exerted by the foot and disperses that energy while still providing the exact amount of resiliency needed to keep bounding down the highway.

Another change is the use of the BioMoGo midsole. With the environmental movement in full swing, Brooks sought to make their running shoes little more eco-friendly. In addition to providing cushioning along the entire foot, this midsole contains a non-toxic additive that promotes accelerated breakdown by anaerobic microbes when the shoes find their way into a landfill.

The third addition is the Omega Flex grooves built into the shoe to enhance flexibility. Gait efficiency is improved which contributes to a smoothest ride possible.

The Brooks Glycerin 9 still retains some of the same technology found in previous incarnation. The shoe is made from microfiber and synthetic leather for lightweight support. A padded tongue improves performance while providing comfort. The elemental mesh protects the foot from the weather but allows the foot to breathe.

HPR Plus and Blown rubber is used on the outsole to improve traction while mitigating wear and tear. As you wear your shoes, they break down and may not be able to provide the same level of comfort as they did when you first purchased them. The two types of rubber used on the outsole works to slow down this process so you can enjoy your Brooks Glycerin 9 shoes for as long as possible.

Brooks Glycerin 9 Pros and Cons

Runners and testers agree that the Brooks Glycerin 9 are top notch shoes that are very comfortable to run in. I’m pretty sure having the Brooks DNA run the length of the shoe contributed greatly to this. Some reviewers noted that the shoe seemed more flexible than its predecessors but still provides a cushiony ride.

Complaints about the shoe mainly revolved around the toe box with comments stating that it felt a little narrow. One reviewer noted the heel felt a little bulky at first but seemed to feel fine after wearing them for a few outings.

Overall, if you are looking for a cushioning shoe for a neutral to under-pronate foot, then you can’t go wrong with the Brooks Glycerin 9. This shoe sits in the mid to upper price range and comes in several colors for men and women.