Brooks Glycerin 10 Review

The Brooks Glycerin 10 running shoe is said to be akin to the “Cadillac” of running shoes. This is a running shoe that, like many other running shoes on the market, is a revamp on the old design, due to increased customer demand. And like other running shoes on the market, the Brooks Glycerin 10 weighs less than its previous version. However, although the manufactures have managed to make this model a lighter shoe, the manufacturers certainly haven't sacrificed quality over quantity, weight wise.

Overview of the Brooks Glycerin 10

First, Brooks did away with its previous plastic midsole bar, and replaced it with a full outsole made of foam and rubber. The newly constructed outsole runs the entire length of the foot, to offer increased comfort, while also adding more sustained support. This new feature also offers runners a more comfortable landing experience when their feet hit the ground. The construction of the new Brooks Glycerin 10 was to offer runners as much of a luxurious, shock-free running experience as possible.

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The Brooks Glycerin 10 also offers runners patterned Flex Grooves in the soles of the shoes. The Flex Grooves allow the runner to enjoy increased levels of flexibility, which are an improvement from the previous model of running shoe. The shoe also is constructed with a BIOMOGO insole, made out of non-toxic materials. These are included, in order to give the runner a supreme cushioning experience. The toes of these shoes are highly elevated, but this design helps the running spring off of their toes with more spring in their step.

Shoe Style

The Brooks Glycerin 10 is a cushioning running shoe, constructed with as much flexibility and stability features as possible. Many runners are demanding a cushioning shoe that offers stability, while also needing a running shoe that feels highly flexible. Runners want to get as much for their money from their running shoes as possible, and the manufacturers of Brooks have seemed to step up to the challenge.

The manufacturers have constructed the shoes with DRB Accel, which is a patented post that is designed to correct pronation issues, while also offering a sleek transition into propulsion.

Pros and Cons of the Brooks Glycerin 10

The pros of purchasing and wearing Brooks Glycerin 10 are:

  • The shoe is designed with a midsole saddle, in order to offer runners a snugger fit. This is especially helpful for runners who have a medium to high arch.
  • The shoe is lighter than its previous version, while also offering the same levels of stability to runners.

The cons of purchasing the Brooks Glycerin 10 are:

  • They aren't cheap! This shoe will cost anywhere from $135, up to $192 dollars! Some runners have questioned if the features being offered in this running shoe is worth the cost. Some runners seem to think that the price is worth it.
  • This isn't an all-inclusive running shoe. This is definitely a running shoe for those with higher arches.


I'd recommend this shoe to runners for whom price is no object. This is a shoe that offers some of the most premium shock absorbency around. This is also a great shoe for those who need a shoe that is tailored for higher arches. I'd also recommend the Brooks Glycerin 10 for those who want an intuitive experience, with regards to the feel of the shoe on their foot.