Brooks Ghost 5 Review

I have always loved Brooks' shoes for their cushiony feel and comfort. They have helped me enjoy my runs and stay motivated during my low times. If you love Brooks Ghost 3 and 4, you will not regret buying Ghost 5. The versatile shoe can help handle a variety of workouts. The light weight version of the previous models has a soft heel and a firm forefoot which make my running fast and effortless. Unlike some of the other cushiony shoes, my feet do not get stuck in the sole of the shoe. They bounce back after every footstrike. With a great shape and extended caterpillar crash pads, you will enjoy running like never before.

Overview of the Brooks Ghost 5

The biggest difference between Brooks Ghost 5 and the previous versions is the sole unit. The improved flexibility and the reduced weight along with traditional comfort cushion and stability make them the best Brooks Ghost shoe in the market today. As always, the caterpillar crash pad has been made from high-density rubber and blown rubber. The deep groves add flexibility to the shoe. It also helps with shock absorption, especially when I run on rough surfaces. However, unlike Brooks Ghost 4, the caterpillar crash pad in Ghost 5 does not stop at the midfoot. It replaces the outer plastic shank. The support and stability of the shoe have remained intact. In fact, after using the shoe for the past few months, I have fallen in love with Brooks Ghost all over again.

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The upper part of the Brooks Ghost 5 is almost similar to the Ghost 4 version. The inner microfiber layer and the outer mesh layer help manage moisture and heat during my runs in the hot summer months. Even a sudden rainstorm was not a match for the new Brooks Ghost 5 as it helped my feet stay comfortable and free of blisters. The upper part is slightly wider. This is an added benefit to someone like me who has broad feet. Adjusting the lace can do the trick for runners with a relatively narrow foot. The upper part also held my heels in the right place without irritating the rear side of my heels. It was a smart idea to add some additional cushioning around the collar as well. It adds to the comfort without adding too much weight. The men’s version of the shoe is lighter by an ounce, while the women’s version is lighter by half ounce.

Pros and Cons of the Brooks Ghost 5


  • Light weight
  • Extended caterpillar crash pads
  • Extra flexibility and cushion
  • Additional cushioning around the collar
  • Stability
  • Protects your feet against heat and moisture


  • You may require additional support


If you have Brooks Ghost 4, the Ghost 5 is an easy and obvious transition for you. The upgrades are just at the right places. I could start using it from day one. In fact, it was more comfortable and stable than its predecessors. Brooks Ghost 5 is also a versatile shoe. You can use them for long- and short-distance running, and on all kinds of tracks, roads and streets.

It is a great shoe for a wide range of runners. The extended caterpillar crash pads can be immensely beneficial to midfoot strikers.