Brooks Dyad 7 Review

The Brooks Dyad 7 running shoe is a wonderful shoe to purchase for those who are novice runners, or for those who experience a wide range of podiatric issues. This is a running shoe that has a reputation and a design that is just right for those who rely upon orthotics, or other podiatric insert devices. Any runners who consider buying the Brooks Dyad 7 model of shoe should be prepared for two outstanding features:

  • This running shoe has been reviewed as one of the heaviest on the market. This means that the sole of the shoe is fortified with a lot of cushion.
  • This shoe will make the runner feel like their feet are being engulfed by the shoe. Many people, especially novice runners, will enjoy this feature. Some people are taken by surprise with this feature of the shoe.

Overview of the Brooks Dyad 7

This is running shoe that is marketed as a cushioned-type shoe. While it does offer enough flexibility for range and comfort, this is definitely a running shoe for those who are tall or heavy. The heaviness of the sole lends itself to people who carry around a lot of body mass. This is also a great running shoe for:

  • Those who are in various stages of rehabilitation training novice runners who want a stabilizing shoe, in order to train their feet to develop correct range of motion.
  • Flat-footed runners who need more cushioning on the bottom of their feet.

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Pros and Cons of the Brooks Dyad 7

The pros of purchasing the Brooks Dyad 7 running shoe, is that this a solid stability shoe for novice runners, for runner who are experiencing podiatric health issues, and for runners who are flat-footed, and need a well-cushioned shoe, in order to take pressure off of the balls of their feet and their backs. This is definitely a running shoe that was designed to promote running health.

The cons of purchasing the Brooks Dyad 7 are that this might not be the right shoe for experienced runners. This running shoe also might not be a good fit for those who have short legs, or for those who are lightweight. These runners would probably find that these shoes would literally weigh them down.

The design of these shoes probably isn't a good fit for those with a high arch. A runner with a high arch wouldn't gain enough arch support, as they are designed with flat-footed runners in mind. And again, someone with a high arch will feel weighed down by these shoes. The shoes are reasonably priced. They cost approximately $110 USD, and are available in men's and women's styles.

Customer Recommendations

The best recommendations come from novice runners, and from runners who depend upon orthotic and podiatric inserts. They say that these shoes allow for plenty of room for inserts, while allowing their feet to feel supported and comfortable. Novice runners have said that the Brook Dyad 7 shoe has allowed them to start a running program built around a running shoe that acts as a foot trainer.