Asics Gel-Evolution 6 Review

Running is an excellent exercise. It burns lots of calories and strengthens the lower body. To get the most out of running, however, you must use proper equipment which includes wearing the best running shoes for your foot type. Asics Gel-Evolution 6 was designed to support people who have problems with overpronation. This is when the foot rolls inward over 15% each time it hits the ground. Ankles are unable to stabilize the body properly, and the shock from the impact is not absorbed efficiently. The Asics Gel-Evolution 6 provides a combination of stability and cushioning that counteracts excessive overpronation.

Features of the Asics Gel-Evolution 6

The collar of the shoe is constructed with two layers of memory foam which molds to the heel. A stretch material is placed through the upper part of the shoe to decrease buckling and improve fit and feel. ASCICS uses a proprietary design called the Impact Guidance System which enhances your natural gait to provide support for the entire foot from heel to toe. The shoe also has a midfoot stabilizer that help the foot support your body more efficiently as well as control deformation of the midsole.

The gel cushioning in the front and rear absorbs the shock of impact making for a more comfortable run. To keep feet cool and reduce the likelihood of stinky feet, the shoe is built with a sockliner with microbial properties that kill bacteria and promotes a drier, healthier environment for the feet. Additionally, the open mesh design keeps feet properly ventilated.

Benefits of the Asics Gel-Evolution 6

Overall, Asics Gel-Evolution 6 works to provide stability, reduce overpronation, and to provide comfort and support while you run. The shoe features a lot of padding which many customers liked because they did not need additional insoles for arch support. These running shoes seem to be good for people narrow feet as the memory foam conforms enough to keep the foot in the shoe and well supported. In the women’s shoes, an addition 3mm of height is added to alleviate tension in the Achilles.

Disadvantages of the Asics Gel-Evolution 6

Despite using extra materials, such as an AHAR heal plug to extend durability in this high wear area, there are complaints that the shoe does not seem to last as long as other brands. Some said the shoe felt worn in after a few runs. Additionally, there were some who felt the soles were too thick and clunky. If you are used to running shoes with thin soles then the Asics Gel-Evolution 6 will take some getting used to.

Overall, most people who purchased Asics Gel-Evolution 6 like the shoe and felt it offered a lot of support to feet as they pound the pavement. Currently, the shoes are available in men and women’s sizes in a basic Graphite/Lightning/Storm color scheme.