Altra the Intuition Review

If you find the fact that most running shoes have elevated heels a bit odd, then you probably are interested in the zero-drop revolution that is happening with running shoes everywhere. The Altra brand has latched onto this with their Altra the Intuition product. These are minimalist shoes that are extremely light, without any drop or height increase in between the heel portion of the shoe and the midfoot region of the shoe. It has been tested in a number of different conditions, to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible no matter where you are running and what the weather is like.

The Design of the Altra the Intuition

The makers of the Intuition have built this shoe based on natural body movements. It is meant to allow you to land on the middle of your foot naturally, rather than putting weight on your heel or toe. To help achieve this, it has a light weight of less than 10 ounces. There are numerous beneficial features that I found these shoes to have. In addition to the light weight and the zero drop, they are also generous in the toe box, so that your feet don't feel pinched at all when you have them on.

They also feature asymmetric laces, which help envelop your feet and make them feel more secure. The Altra the Intuition has a mesh upper portion, which can dry quickly no matter what weather conditions you are running in. These shoes are designed to mimic the shape of your feet, and they have a liner on the inside of the shoe to help absorb any sweat or odors, so that you can run safely without socks and feel more natural.

Other Factors and Tips to Consider

Some reviewers of the Altra the Intuition mentioned that the shoe fits short, so if you are ordering the shoes online you might want to go up at least half a size, if not a whole size. It may be a good idea to try on the shoes first before ordering them online to ensure a good fit. For the most part, reactions to these shoes were extremely positive. Reviewers were happy that they were ideal for all different types of terrain, and that they are suitable for those with wider feet who may have trouble finding other running shoes that fit properly. The light weight and intuitive feel put these at the top of the heap of minimalist or barefoot design shoes.