Adidas Tempo 5 Review

The lightweight and highly responsive Adidas Tempo 5 has been designed for runners who like to be fast during strenuous workouts and races. The upgraded version of the Adidas Tempo 4 is almost 2.5 ounces lighter than its predecessor. Your feet are about 3 mm closer to the ground. A slimmer and lighter crash pad near the heel also contributes to the loss of weight. The stability arch on the side of the shoe is superior to the previous models as well. Two pieces of plastic in the midsole make the shoe very responsive and improves your speed. I love the way the upper section of the shoe snugs around my feet. It is a great feature for fast runners.

Overview of the Adidas Tempo 5

The Adidas Tempo 5 will be the new trend setter this fall, especially among shoes that are highly responsive and help you run fast. The light weight and improved fit add to the charm of this latest winner from Adidas. When I placed my foot in the shoe, the first feature that caught my attention was the upper section of the shoe. The open mesh micro fiber suede material reduced the weight of the shoe and made it more breathable. You almost won’t feel the shoes on your feet. The Adidas fused sprintweb overlay has replaced the traditional heavy ones. The sprintweb also added structure to the shoe and helped me center my foot correctly. The simple lacing system provided decent cushiony feel and comfort.

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The upper section of the Adidas Tempo 5 also consists of a simple overlay band that is stitched over and extends sideways from forefoot of the lacing system to the midfoot. The overlays ultimately join the back of the heel and help hold all the three sections of the shoe together giving me the perfect fit.

Addidas has also reduced the weight of the Tempo 5 by altering the composition of the midsole. While Adiprene is still a part of the midsole and the heel, the Foremotion heel has given way to the Lightstrike EVA heel. It promotes:

  • Improved shock absorption
  • Softer landing
  • Quicker heel-to-toe transition during fast runs

The Adiprene in the forefoot region help propel the feet. Pronation control is similar to Tempo 4, and is with the help of Adidas Promoderator. The promoderator gave me a comfortable and snugly feeling, while reducing the impact of my slight over pronation. Adidas Tempo 5 also boasts of a new midsole with 22.5mm heel and 12 mm forefoot giving it a 10.5 mm drop. The outsole is made up of blown rubber. The toe consists of a small piece of continental rubber which makes it durable and improves traction in wet conditions. The outsole can transition smoothly between pavement, dirt roads, and improved crushed gravel paths. My outsole is in great shape even after 75 miles.

Pros and Cons of the Adidas Tempo 5


  • Light weight

  • Midsole closer to the ground

  • Improved breathability

  • Slight pronation control

  • Durable


  • Great for races but may feel stiff during a jog


The shoe is comfortable, flexible and highly responsive. You cannot ask for a better deal or a more versatile shoe. The support should also help most race and fast runners. Adidas has done a great job with the shoe. I recommend the Adidas tempo 5 to anyone looking for a fast but comfortable ride.