Adidas Supernova Sequence 5 Review

Like many other running shoe manufactures, Adidas heard the complaints and the cries of its very loyal fan base, regarding its previous Supernova Sequence 4 running shoe model. Some of the most common complaints about the Sequence 4 model were that the shoe was way too heavy. There were many features that the manufacture used in the design of the shoe, in order to create a firmer and stable running experience. However, Adidas decided that many of these stability enhancing features needed to go, based upon complaints. So, Adidas trimmed a lot of figurative fat off of the previous design, coming up with the new and improved Supernova Sequence 5

Overview of the Adidas Supernova Sequence 5

The revamped version of the Adidas Supernova shoe was stripped of some of its enhancement features, without sacrificing its stabilizing purpose for runners. For example, the previous Supernova Sequence 4 running shoe model used to weigh almost a whopping 13 ounces! Adidas streamlined the shoe down, so that the Supernova Sequence 5 model weighs a considerably lighter 11.6 ounces. This makes the shoe a lot lighter to wear. The material on top of the shoe features wide netting covered by air mesh fabric on top of the netting of the shoe. This offers runners an even cooler wearing experience.

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On top of these enhancements, Adidas designed the latest Sequence running shoe model to offer more cushioning within the heel and the midstep. Overall, the shoe is more flexible than its previous model. Finally, Adidas created the Sequence 5 to have a slimmer stability post at the arch, which also helps to make the shoe lighter in weight, and lighter to wear.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 5 Shoe Type

This is marketed as a stability-type and a cushioning-type of running shoe. In spite of the fact that Adidas indeed streamlined the latest version of the shoe in order to create a lighter shoe, check out the features that the latest Sequence shoe features:

  • Adiprene+. This feature was added to the forefoot, so that the shoe could maintain as much propulsion as possible.

  • Its Torsion System ensures as much integrity in the mid-foot section as possible.

  • The shoe's Geofit feature ensures as much of a tailored, anatomical fit for the runner as possible.

  • The shoe's Adiprene offers a very high level of cushion under the heel, where runners need impact and shock cushioning.

Pros and Cons of the Adidas Supernova Sequence 5

There are a lot of pros in purchasing the Adidas Supernova Sequence 5.

  • The runner is gaining a running shoe that gets rid of all of the annoying and bothersome features that previous customers have complained about.

  • Meanwhile, the runner gets to enjoy the comforting and the corrective features of the shoe.

  • The shoes is just plain a lot more comfortable to wear than its previous model. No one is going to stick to their program if their shoes are too hot or heavy to wear!

  • They are priced very well. They cost around $115 USD. These shoes are an awesome value for the money.

  • They look great! Runners can rock a shoe that looks great, and feels great!

  • They come in men's and women's styles.

  • The shoe features bright colored fabrics. This is a great feature for dusk and early dawn runners, especially dusk and early dawn runners who run on the roads.
There aren't any cons to report, yet.


I love how Adidas addressed the needs of their customers, and really went about creating a well-planned revamp of the previous shoe model. I'd say that the Adidas Supernova Sequence 5 shoe is a great shoe for those who have slight to moderate overpronation issues when they run. This is an awesome shoe to purchase for those who run on the roads. Rough terrain and trail runners might want to consider the shoe's low toe design, before they use these off-road. This is also a great running shoe for runners who flat-out want to get the most out of a running shoe for their money.