Adidas AdiStar Solution 2 Review

The Adidas AdiStar Solution 2 is a daily trainer designed to cushion the feet of an under pronator to mild pronator. Although the Adidas brand is more associated with sports and fashion rather than running, the Adidas AdiStar Solution 2 may convince avid runners to give the brand a try. It has a semi-curve shape that offers minimum support but delivers a smooth ride which makes this shoe great for daily training and runners who put in a lot of miles.

Adidas AdiStar Solution 2 Shoe Technology

The midsole consists of a compression molded EVA material which contributes to cushioning. The Torsion System is a thermoplastic unit in the shape of wishbone sits at the bottom of the midfoot to allow the rearfoot and forefoot to operate independently for enhance stability. The heel is decoupled which helps absorb impact shock and disperse it quickly.

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The upper part of the shoe is made from open mesh with allows the foot to be properly ventilated to maintain dryness and keep feet cool. The collar of the heel is made from memory foam which encourages superior fit and comfort. The Adidas logo is placed strategically to wrap around the upper foot while a Formation Stretch Panel rests along the lateral midfoot. Both of these contribute to a snug fit.

AdiWear and Blown Rubber are used on the outsole to give the shoe increased traction and reduce abrasions that contribute to wear and tear. A traditional sockliner wicks away moisture while fighting bacteria that causes foot odor.

Reviews of the Adidas AdiStar Solution 2

Reviewers and testers describe the Adidas AdiStar Solution 2 as a tank that sits the foot high off the ground. The structural elements of the midsole add weight to the shoe but provide a lot of protection against the abuse that comes from pounding the pavement. While the shoe gives runners ample support, one of the biggest complaints was how heavy they were. Additionally, testers found the shoe to be a little rigid but still thought it was a good shoe for beginners and runners who need to deal with injuries.

Overall, the shoe received positive reviews although there were one or two issues. One reviewer thought the lacing system left a lot to be desired. Another felt that shoe was good but could do with a little less construction in the forefoot.

If you put in a lot of miles when you run then the Adidas AdiStar Solution 2 will definitely give you the support you need to make it to the end. The shoe moderately priced and comes in orange/white/black for men and yellow/white/black for women.